Extracurricular Activity: Which Should I Choose for My Child?

Expert: Muriel Fanget, Child Psychologist *

In front Growing supply Among the curricular activities on offer, it is difficult to find a way for your child to choose the best one. With the help of Muriel Fanget, Child Psychologist, Sort!

Sports, theater, dance, music … there is no shortage of extracurricular activities. These leisure times, in addition to allowing your child to be occupied, contribute to his or her personal development as well as his or her perfection. “Extracurricular activities make it possible to integrate and develop other knowledge Other skills More than school-age, Muriel Fanget explains, child psychologist. This is a great way to reassure or restore your child. He will see that he is able to do something without necessarily evaluating or judging, just for fun. A Extracurricular activities are therefore especially beneficial for children. In school failure, But also for those who want to discover new hobbies in their spare time: good physical and mental health, weight loss risk reduction, stress relief … everything is positive! Whatever the type of activity chosen, its practice will come together Funny And baby development.

Which activity to choose from 3 year old? Some ideas and examples ….

All you have to do now is choose the activity that is most appropriate for your child. A choice that is certainly often made accordingly The child’s taste, But offers available in our residential areas. Some of the most successful activities include:

Sports, artistic, cultural … how do you choose?

Individual sports include racquets such as tennis or badminton or athletics, which allow children to test different disciplines before specializing in adolescence. Running, jumping, throwing, they work as hard as they can to develop their motor skills. We can also turn to worn-out sports, e.g. Ski Where The motorcycle Which develops a sense of balance and direction. Some clubs BMX Suggest, for example, start with Balance bike From the age of 2, time to learn about highway code. Horse riding through equestrian centers is a great classic that allows children to become interested in animals and establish a special relationship with them. Finally, War sportsT or martial arts is the real school of life, which will teach the child to wield his power with respect to others.

Team play

Football, basketball, handball, volleyball, rugby, lack of ideas! All you have to do is choose your child’s favorite activity. These activities especially develop motor skills and team attitude.

Body expression activities

Of course, there we find Dance Where Gymnastics. These activities, though considered a game, contain a very important artistic element. They target both girls and boys and are a great way to combine physical activity, technical skills and fun. These are activities that will harmoniously develop and work the muscles of the whole body Flexibility and balance. An extracurricular activity, Capoeira is a Brazilian dance. Capoeira develop children’s psychomotor skills through a combination of sports, rhythm and song. Capoeiras certainly help to improve agility and flexibility.

Piano, guitar, violin, vocals, drums জন্য to pick a musical instrument, we waste for choice! Musical activity enables the development of both rhythm and hearing, but also concentration, memory, hardness, and Fine motor skills. Music also builds children’s creativity. If you want to fit in a device, choose one that he or she can practice regularly at home, outside of class, and that is consistent with the limitations of the home (price, soundproofing, space available, etc.). Singing It can also be a good curricular activity for the child. Today, many song lessons are given at the academy or others.

Drawing, sculpture, painting, all the activities that will develop your child’s creativity. During calm weather Where he has to concentrate, observe and imagine. These help in the development of precision of gestures and fine motor skills.

Dress up, play Comedy, Become the hero of a story. Your kids already do these things on a daily basis… so why not enroll them in the theater so they can do it as an activity in their own right? Theater is a great way for him to express himself, while working His memory And the spirit of his team. Through acting, he will have fun as well as strengthen his self-confidence.

Shy, anxious, very sensitive child, which activity would you choose?

Although many children say for their own activity, this is not true for everyone. Some children may even resist taking on a new hobby. This may be the case Anxious childrens, very sensitive or shy. Others, choice OveractiveConversely it can be difficult to focus on a single activity, transforming this moment of joy into a real ordeal for the child, but also for educators and parents.

What to do then? Is there any activity of choice for these children? For the psychologist Muriel Fanget, the most important thing is to open the conversation with him to make sure that the activity makes him happy. “We may be surprised at the activity that sometimes works, He says. I recently read an article that said Golf or fishing There were hobbies that seemed very suitable for hyperactive children, because they need attention and calm. Either way, I think the child will definitely feel along with this activity. The hobby he wants to practice we will ask him his opinion, we will come with him In the first sessionHave him observe before practice. We can talk to academics to trust him. Of course, we will exclude activities that are in complete opposition to a certain mood or Specific pathology. For example, we should avoid activities that are too noisy for sound-sensitive children. For shy people, we might try to practice an activity with a brother, cousin, or close friend they trust. A For our experts, the important thing is to listen to your child, even within a year. “We must support him in his activities, but we must also be aware of the possible symptoms An inconvenience. If the child has symptoms such as abdominal pain or headache, that he is sick before going to each session, then this activity is definitely not compatible with him. A In this case, it is recommended that the child change his hobby for an activity that allows him to develop and gain confidence.

Some clubs or municipalities offer sessions for juniors “Multisport”, Which allows the child to discover different games throughout the year. This can be a good option to help the child focus on his favorite activity.

Engage your child in his activities

Enrolling your child in extracurricular activities is not always enough for their development. While some kids like peace and don’t want to see their parents in every session, others will need their presence and support. “To support them, you just have to be there, The psychologist explains. But Without overdoing it! You are not here to live by proxy, as parents are sometimes seen shouting at their children. But come on Participate in matches Or the artistic presentation contributes a little happiness to your little one. You can highlight her activities at home by discussing your own day, and ask her what she liked during her day’s activities. A As part of an artistic activity, you can also tell your kids Play a tune Or display their creations at home.

It all depends on the selected activity. Some babies can be practiced while walking, others require specific motor skills and a little more mature age to practice. In general, most activities are accessible From the age of fourSuch as baby gym, with dedicated department for children Athletic School Or musical awakening. These sections allow your child to discover the activity as a whole, in the form of a workshop, away from any performance.

For registration questions, depending on your expectations, your geographical location and selected activity, it may be interesting to guess and go about it. At the end of the school year. For most activities and clubs these registrations are at the beginning of the school year. However, we can contact the association, club or organization to come Try one or two sessions At the end of the previous year. Also, in most cities, there are open days that bring together all the cultural and sports organizations to discuss, learn about an activity, and create a career. Feel free to contact your town hall’s sports and culture department for more information.

Enrolling your child in extracurricular activities presents an expense that parents must bear. Some activities cost more than others, although everyone tries to be as affordable as possible for the little ones. Team sports, or group activities are often Less expensive Those who practice individually for obvious reasons of cost sharing. Requires some large resources (e.g. Riding a horse), Which can sometimes explain the high price.
However, be aware that there are certain devices that can reduce the bill.
CAF Offer, for example, financial aid for extracurricular leisure. These aids, of course, depend on the family’s share. Some local authorities (town halls, divisions, territories) also provide some assistance, often in the form of coupons, to help families register their children. Works Council Can also support this registration part. Don’t hesitate to ask your child questions before verifying their activity.

What are extracurricular activities?

Extracurricular activities are those that revolve around school and that complement learning in the classroom. From New school reform of 2018, Which has seen many institutions return in 4 days, the offer of extracurricular activities has been strengthened. It could be motor development, Musical awakeningDiscovery of manual activity, SportsCultural activities … your child will be able to expend his energy and see his horizons open for his activities!

* Psychologist-Claremont-Ferrand.FR

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