How would you explain the little prince of Saint-Xperi to his child?

The Little Prince, a cult book that transcends generations

The Little Prince album is a work that we are delighted to taste (again) in the style of Proust’s Madeleine. The book that rocked our childhood is now knocking on our children’s door. A true masterpiece of literature signed by the author and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupery, it continues to travel, young and old, at all ages and at all times in life. Since its first publication in New York in 1943 (in France in 1946), it has enjoyed worldwide success, growing year after year to place it after the Bible and the Qur’an, as the most translated book (in 270 languages ​​and dialects) and the world’s best-selling book. The Little Prince has also seen his universe shift on stage or on many occasions: in film, movies, musical instruments, animated series, and banknotes in the form of banknotes. Was in our hands until the Euro came in) and even in the amusement park or still at the Gravin Museum. To remind us of everything again.

The story of the young prince of Antoine de Saint-Exupery

This book tells the story of a little boy, the prince of a small planet (asteroid B612), who is upset. Her only friend is a beautiful rose and she feels sad. He then decides to explore other planets to make friends. During his travels he would meet other asteroid inhabitants whom he would find “strange”: a king, a vain man, a merchant, a luminary, a geographer, etc. – each being regarded as a metaphor for human nature. -, until his arrival on Earth where he will first meet a fox, who will teach him that “to know, you must” subdue “, which makes things and people unique, then an aviator, who is none other than the author, who He fell in the middle of the Sahara Desert with his plane.

This is a multi-level book for children and their parents

The Little Prince specializes in, according to Antoine de Saint-Exupery, a children’s book written for adults. Magic for the little ones, carried by the author’s watercolors, metaphors for the adults, there is something for everyone. Then, “all adults were first children, but very few of them remember it”, right? This book contains different levels of lessons and thoughts, which children (from 5/6 years old) will appreciate. Much like their parents. Find yourself completely), adults are more for the writer. When we re-read this book as an adult, we realize that our perspective has changed, evolved, that we perceive it differently but just as much. We can understand its true meaning. It is a book that invites conversation and allows you to spend a real moment of exchange with your family.

It is a philosophical book with many life lessons

The Little Prince includes many cult quotes. Hidden behind each of them is a life lesson, a reflection of the world and human nature. How can I talk to the kids who invented the book about it with all their carelessness? Here are some tips based on the main phrases in the book:

You can only see clearly with the heart / It is better to choose with your heart

What is meant by children : The little prince, who embodies the spontaneity of feeling, instinctively thinks with his heart, as opposed to adults who would stop to look at a rose (which was just an ordinary flower for them). You have to believe in yourself, believe in your insights. According to the fox, only in this way can one discover the necessary things, understand what is really important, what is important.

So now thatHe makes a revolution every minute, I don’t have a second to rest. I turn on and off once a minute!

What is meant by children : The lamplighter has no time to rest, not even to sleep. Every minute, he had to turn on and off his streetlights to the detriment of his health. It’s good to take time, stop, take care of yourself, listen to your heart, your breathing, ask yourself. The question “How do I feel inside me?” Giving time to yourself, but also to your children, is the key to happiness when you are a parent.

When you have finished your morning toilet, you must carefully clean the planet

What is meant by children : We live on a beautiful planet, so we have to take care of it as the little prince does with it. In some countries and even where it is not, there is a shortage of water, so you need to save it, for example, by taking great care to stop the water when brushing your teeth.

It was another fox like a million. But I made her my friend and she is unique now

What we can explain to children: Being a true friend, someone who is present, with whom we have a chance to share moments of laughter and joy, but we also need to pay attention to it. Friendship is a two-way street that must be nurtured.

Please draw me a sheep / only kids know what they are looking for

What we can explain to children: Imagination lets you do everything, and children are very rich in it: in your head, you can create, draw, tell, experiment, tell stories … children are truly little magicians who are capable of showing anything. The idea of ​​creating them, to give them life, for more or less time. Even before they grow up, they can already dream of tomorrow. This is an opportunity, you have to believe in your imagination and give it time to wander.

What makes the desert beautiful … is that it hides a well somewhere

What is meant by children : It is possible to dig deep to find your inner wealth. We should cherish small successes because they give us confidence, strength to perform other things and grow easily. It is important to take good care of your talents and not forget them when you are afraid of not succeeding.

You will be unique in the world for me. I will make the world unique for you.

What is meant by children : Little Prince knows that his friends, roses and foxes, are unique in the world, like everything that surrounds him in nature. Every child is unique, no one has the right to think for them or be like them. You can tell your child that he is a beautiful person who has a place in this world, to boost his confidence.

Of course, everyone is free to make their own interpretations. The Little Prince book is full of advice and ideas that can help your child grow but also help you develop your parents. All you have to do is go through your library to find your valuables and share a moment of reading with your child.

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