Justin Cordul (large family) is as open as ever in the death of his child

Justin Cordell is one of the star mothers of the famous TF1 show, Big family, life is not XXL. As such, he is followed by many internet users and his daily life fascinates his customers. Also, he does not hesitate to share on his Instagram account. Is about it Stories Temporary or more permanent publications. That way, fans of Justin Cordell and his extended family can share everything with him, or almost. Its readerObjeko Undoubtedly remember the moving moment that was the birth of the 7th child of this star mother of TF1.

But did they know that the birth of her 7th child was actually the birth of her 8th child? Did they know that Justin Cordell and her husband had to face the death of one of their children? It was already eight years ago and it is still painful for this mother of a large family to talk openly about this drama.

Justin Cordell evokes a tragedy that struck his family

In TF1 or social networks, star families Large family: Life in XXL, Don’t complain here. They look funny and want to undo the clichs about large families. They want to be able to show the public that they are family like everyone else. Justin Cordell therefore agreed to share a large part of his daily life with viewers and Internet users. But some things are still hidden, no doubt because they are very painful.

However, who would have thought that Justin Cordwell’s family was hit by a tragedy? In all cases, Objeko Granted you, it’s hard to catch a crack behind a smile. To notice which people are suffering and who know how to hide it. In fact, if this mom hadn’t decided to share this information, her fans probably would never have suspected it.

However, Justin Cordell mentioned on his Instagram account that he did not really hide the matter from his fans. He just made sure not to overdo it with them. Although he has become accustomed to believing them, it is probably difficult for him to talk about these subtle things. The drama has hit the Cordul family for almost 10 years now and it will no doubt be difficult for parents to deal with the issue of losing a child …

Extremely rare confidence, still sharp pain

Justin Cordell readily admits he wants to be able to get rid of his privacy. She wants to be successful in talking to her clients about the pain of losing a child. But eight years after the tragedy, it remains difficult. She says on her Instagram account, this May 29, Mother’s Day, she still doesn’t know how to talk about it with internet users. On the one hand the intense pain of this drama and on the other hand being able to keep some part of this matter secret.

“Let me tell you something today, I’m still keeping a secret! My 7 Wonders, Timio, Tom, Chloe, Tone, Lilac-Rose, Lubin, Lyson. But an angel named Eyael is watching us! Now for 8 years! I often tell you that I will talk to you about it soon but for now, even though it’s been 8 years, I don’t know how you keep it secret. And at the same time I want to talk to you about it so that other mothers can be confident about it … “, Justin Cordell wrote in the caption of a photo of all his (almost) children together. Then he added: “Those who do not survive do not know!” One last little word that undoubtedly invites internet users to comment on this post just like kindly and knowingly.

The comments made under this publication will undoubtedly meet the expectations of Justin Cordwell. In fact, these are just signs of support and respect. Testimonials from other mothers are also involved. Objeko Then the surprise is that over time, Justice Cordell will be confident enough to discuss a little detail about Yale’s death with his clients, this little angel who keeps an eye on the whole family.

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