Legislature: Emergency doctor Patrick Pelox has shut down rural torpedoes

Emergency Doctor came to support Giusepline Kaunoski, the Socialist candidate in the 1st District of Loaret. An opportunity to condemn the deterioration of the health system and to raise awareness. ” Disruption of public service. “

By Jean-Jack Talpin

Patrick Pelox and Ghisline Kaunowski Photo Magenter

Delighted as a socialist militant who has been fighting elections for decades. ” This will be the biggest campaign meeting in Laureate “And indeed, with about 300 people in attendance, a public meeting on Monday evening in La Source alone will be a representation.” Small incidents “Because rarely has the election campaign been so quiet, without solace, without taste. First of all, an incident by the number of militants that shows that socialists are still able to reunite their families, admittedly somewhat stunted.

It is true, however, that the guest alone was an interesting headline: in the media, emergency doctor-unionist Patrick Pelux felt as comfortable in front of a small gathering, on a television set, or even on a stage. As he did on Monday afternoon in the CHRO emergency room where he came to support workers who have been on strike for two months. So the meeting was medical and of course selective. Olivier Juin’s successor, Ghislain Kaunovsky, is a pharmacist, and so he knows the flaws and weaknesses of the health system. Sometimes iconic among his comrades, he even goes so far as to claim. ” Temporary control of the freedom of doctors to respond to emergencies of medical desertification “It simply came to our notice then.

“Privatization of Health Services”

The candidate took the opportunity to line up his contestant, LREM doctor-deputy Stephanie Rist who Orleans never had to make a CHU “And” Emergency rooms have not been effective in avoiding the crisis and in the fight against medical desertification

Left man “Patrick Pelox, of course, came to support the Socialist candidate, but above all, to diagnose a disease without complacency – but not without humor.” The progressive collapse of the health system “And for that he has come a long way, to the National Council of Resistance, to Robert Debre, the founder of CHU, and to various governments (but relatively discreet about the socialist ministers of health …) who are from Aline Zuppe.” Deliberately wanted to break down public health services for better privatization “If he hurts political activists (” I have no confidence in Brigitte Bourguignon, the new Minister of Health who oversaw IFAD yesterday … “), He does not shy away from condemning Puppet Union Which keeps the system on or off Mandarin professors in university hospitals “Those who want to save their backyard and work in it” Super powered lobby and network

A complete house for Patrick Pelox Photo Magenter

He further added that only former Prime Minister Jean Costax was in favor of setting up a CHU in Orleans against the advice of Olivier Vernon and Stephanie Rist. He called for caution among those waiting for the CHU in Orleans: ” Be careful … everything can change

“Fall of ER”

He is not a Marxist, Patrick Pelex is a ” Class struggle “In CHU’s” Basket top And other hospitals. But there is also opposition among liberal doctors who earn 1,500 euros for a call session when he, a public emergency doctor, gets only 250. Public hospitals lack money and staff. The first sign is that ER fall Of which more than 200 services are now closed at night, with staff fleeing. But it is also true in psychiatry and much more, The poorest of the poor “Pediatric Psychiatry or a Maternity Ward” Postpartum mortality rate which is equal to Africa “Facing this Patrick Pelox rarely sees any proposal emerge. Under no circumstances is it from the government, which wants to impose.” E-health with artificial intelligence and teleconsultation

An evolution that he, a humanist trained in the old school of medicine who feels, who hears and who utters, cannot accept.

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