Mother’s Day on Radio Plus – “Super Mom”: Beryl Trupin and Christian Valerie win final

The complication between Christian Valerie and his daughter-in-law Beryl Trupin allowed them to win the final of “Super Mom” ​​against Devina and Mala Rapuzi. The incident took place this Sunday, Mother’s Day, at Celeb Restaurant, Dudland, Bagatelle. The game was broadcast live on Radio Plus, and Radio Plus Facebook page and Teleplus YouTube channel.

The final of ‘Super Mom’ was scheduled this Sunday on the occasion of Mother’s Day. The kick-off was given at 1:40 p.m. at Celeb Restaurant in Dudland, Bagatel, with choreography presented by Radio Plus host and restaurant staff. Several families had reserved tables to enjoy a special meal. The game was also followed on Radio Plus, DefimedMeinfo and Radio Plus Facebook pages and TelePlus YouTube channels.

A pair of mother-in-law / daughter-in-law, Devina and Mala Rapuji, as well as Beryl Trupin and Christian Valerie, made their entrance to the thunder clap. Divina and Mala are 26 and 57 years old respectively. The first is a bank employee and his mother-in-law is a housewife. Beryl, 30, is a magician. His stepmother Christian, 62, is a psychotherapist.

In the first round, the finalists had to answer seven questions correctly. The first challenge of the second round was “Plis zoignon rondel”. The daughters-in-law peeled off seven onions that the mother-in-law had to cut into rings. The “Ply Ballot Ling” and “Craze Masala” challenges have been followed The mothers-in-law then had to find, blindfolded, three numbers chosen by their daughters-in-law. “The First Between Belfie”, a showdown between Devina and Beryl, ended the game. Beryl Trupin and Christian Valerie won the “Super Maman” with 60 points. “Radio Plus and the game gave us some good time,” Christian said His daughter-in-law says the game has strengthened their bond and filled their memories.

The winners won a night half board for two at 7 Cascade restaurants and lodges, a body massage and other treats at NU Jill Spa, a voucher of Rs 10,000 at Space Mason, 1 “juicer” from Ideal Shopping Center, a box from Dove. 3,000 rupees product, a “cash prize” of 5,000 rupees from Lottery Vart, 6 months subscription to Canal Plus, 1 mixer-grinder set from Kuzinex, 4,000 rupees voucher at So’Only restaurant, 6,000 rupees voucher at Kenza mode, 2,000 rupees at Métisse, Allure Coiffure Vouchers, two pairs of sunglasses from Best Optical, a “gift pack” from Anchor Life and a voucher for 500 1,500 at Celebs Restaurant.

Divina and Mala Rapuji won the second prize. Thanks to their 50 points, they won a one-night half-board at the Anelia Hotel in Flick-n-Flack, a 2,000 2,000 voucher at Espace Maison, two Adamas jewelry boxes, a “Fan Box” center at Ideal Shopping, Lottery Vert at 2,000 2,000. A “cash prize”, a “gift pack” from Cuisinex, a 1,000 1,000 voucher from Allure Coiffure and “Goodies” from Canal Plus.

The jury members were Lototech Prize Payment Officer Emma Annup-Gunputh, Celeb Restaurant Sales and Event Manager Jason Kistenen and Live Event Planner Director Irna Jafarbeg. Challenges were presented by Radio Plus hosts: Ton Simon, Brandon Spinelli, Harry Punosami, Caroline Narinen, Ianish Engutsami, Neelam Sharma, Joe Kupusami, Stephanie Serder and Didier Vadudhinkhan. The Télé Plus production team, led by Yannick Azor, has worked on “Super Maman”.

Radio Plus hosted the game in collaboration with AppleTizer. Other partners are Courts Mammoth, Dr. Agarwals Eye Hospital, Cuzinex, Absa, Metro Express Ltd., Restaurant Celebs, Citadel, Anchor Life, Lottery Vert, TotalEnergis, PKL Online, Canal Plus, Ma. Bottega Verde, Adopt, So’Only Restaurant, Allure Coiffure, Villas Caroline, Best Optical, Anelia Resort, Dove, NU Zil Spa and 7 Cascade Restaurants & Lodges.

A showdown between the daughters-in-law was the ultimate challenge.

Radio Plus and Tele Plus, television differently

Radio Plus host “Super Mom” ​​and presented the challenges.

Radio Plus antenna director Venen Cullen explained that the purpose of the “Super Mom” ​​game was to show understanding between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. “The second goal was to give the public a different taste of television. We were able to fill the void with an evening entertainment show, as we had already done with ‘The Almost Perfect Couple’ in February, “he said.

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