Stanislas Spy on Audrey Russell (Summary of DNA Episode 1200)

Preview of “Tomorrow Us”, Detailed Summary of DNA and Spoiler Friday, June 3, 2022 Episode 1200. In your daily series, Camille Stanislas tries to find out what is hidden. Samuel and Victor have been assigned a mission with high responsibilities. Stanislas threatens his colleague.


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Nathan makes an embarrassing mistake

Angie and Nathan have just shared an intimate moment. Angie explains to her boyfriend that she now makes strange noises when she breathes while having sex. And since she is always afraid that someone will come and listen to her, she can only think about these words and not concentrate. Nathan is uncomfortable and reassures her that she is breathing normally. But Angie has evidence since she recorded it without her knowing it! In high school, Nathan repeatedly listens to Angie’s audio recordings and tells his girlfriend that billions of people have sex like this. He then admits to exaggerating the numbers a bit and explains to Angie that this is his way of expressing that he is well with her.

Nathan later contacted Etienne in the high school halls to let her know that she had finished her future-themed podcast. Etienne is glad Nathan has taken her work seriously. CPE was then confident about its post-baccalaureate orientation. Thanks to Nathan Eaton, because this podcast helped him think for himself. Etienne asks her to send her podcast. He wants to hear it before posting it on the school server. Nathan assures Etienne that he has given his all in this work and that he will enjoy his podcast. But after a while, the podcast is still not online. Angie suggests that Nathan reveal it himself, which he does. Nathan then explains to the students gathered at the fountain that he has personal things in his podcast and that he is getting naked. Angie puts her phone in the speakerphone. Nathan mistakenly uploaded the audio recording that he made during their hate. Angry, Angie tells Nathan that she will never forgive him.


Florian assigns a mission to Samuel and Victor

Florian is able to leave the hospital today. The young woman wants to see her child’s father Enzo. Florian is convinced that she can persuade him to return to her. She took pictures of Samuel and they want to show him. The young woman thinks she is currently staying in Norway with friends. She tells Samuel and Victor to keep her baby until the next day. The young woman trusts them and there is no one else to approach them. The doctors were reassured and took the child home. Samuel borrowed three diapers, a formula and a bottle from the nursery. But Victor and Samuel no longer have the cradle. Samuel then borrowed a cane basket from Downers to serve as a basinet for the baby. He explains to William that this basket will be of use to them on the beach during their next vacation in Lisbon, which is fast approaching. But William heard the baby cry from his friend’s house. Samuel doesn’t want William to talk to him and misunderstands the presence of the patient’s baby in Aurora’s house and convinces William that the crying comes from TV.

Stanislas spies on Audrey

Chloe was assaulted the night before near Raphael Peraud’s office. Her assailant tried to steal her handbag, but fortunately Stanislas intervened at the time. This morning, Chloé gave a statement to the police. Stanislas and Alex are also present. And this is taking Sarah Chloe’s statement. The latter failed to see his attacker. He wore a balaclava and a dark hooded jacket. Chloe admits to Sarah that she was too scared. Stanislas claims to Sarah that he had just bought some sushi and that he was going to meet his mate in his office to surprise him if he intervened.

Camille Stanislas tries to find out what is hidden, but she is surprised to hear her whisper “in her treasure chest”. It contains the memories of his childhood. Contrary to all expectations, Stanislas showed Camille a car when she got 7 years old. It was the first Christmas without his mother, who died in a car accident. Raphael discovers that his daughter was buzzing about his partner’s belongings and apologizes to Stanislas who understands.

Police are investigating Chloe’s attack. Roxane Quai used video surveillance images from Mayeul and noticed the presence of a person who matched Chloe’s attacker. He was apparently in a hurry to leave. Thanks to his scooter’s license plate, Roxanne returned to him. This is a specific Malo return, known to the police. He was convicted of violence and released from prison in April 2021.

Before going to see Malo, Sara first wants to question Stanislas Beaumont. He finds it strange that he has come to the provincial moment to play the role of savior. Roxanne tells him to be careful.

Find Camille Chloe and her grandfather on the spoon. Sébastien wouldn’t be surprised if Stanislas organized Chloe’s attack to give himself a good share, which means he paid an accomplice to attack Alex’s wife. In mere suspicion, the prosecutor cannot inform the police. But Sébastien notices that Sarah is suspicious of Stanislas and even thinks that the young woman is making it a personal matter. Chloe explains to Sebastian that Sarah’s father beat her mother when she was young. Sebastian understands very well why Sarah seems so involved, and he calls the police woman to express his suspicions.

Sarah calls Stanislas and asks him questions about the way from the Japanese caterer to Raphael’s office, as some inconsistencies bother him, but Martin interrupts the interrogation. He apologizes to Stanislas for this summons. She explains to him that this is a misunderstanding and congratulates him for his civility. Martin gets angry and then firmly refrains Sarah. He tells her to focus only on Chloe’s attacker.

Sarah and Nordin wait for Malo to come out of his building to ask him about his schedule the night before. Malo claimed to two police officers that he was taking care of a client’s garden. Sarah asks him for his coordinates. Malo shows himself somewhat nervous and explains to the two policemen that if Mrs. Dupuis contacted him he would not give her another strange job. He then claims that he does not know Stanislas.

Roxanne has been shelling out Stanislas and Malor’s fad for two weeks. The two never communicated with each other. Sarah made sure they used a prepaid phone. The police lady made sure Stanislas expected everything. Roxanne tries to convince Sarah that she can’t go after Stanislas, because unless proven otherwise, she did nothing wrong. Sarah reassures Roxen that Stanislas is a dangerous man and regrets that no one at the police station sees him as such.

Sebastian was right. Stanislas sees Malo and gives him an envelope filled with notes. Then she tells him to disappear. But Malo wants an extension against his silence. Stanislas doesn’t hear that way and punches him several times in the stomach. Stanislas then warns Malo. It was a warning. Next time, she won’t hesitate to kill him.

A little later, Stanislas receives a call from Raphael. She pretends to her fianc that she is going shopping. In fact, he spies on Audrey and unknowingly takes pictures of her on the street. What is the link between Stanislas and Audrey?

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