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(AOF) – Teleperformance A new unprecedented games and e-sports convention called Teleperformance PXP has been organized on May 27, 2022. It has over 500 participants on site and 80,000 connected online. The convention, which brought together several panels of experts during the numerous debates over e-sports, games, Metavers and Web 3.0 or the future of the Internet, formalized the opening of the first Global e-Sports Arena by Teleperformance. The group’s center of excellence is the Metaverse in Lisbon, Portugal.

An international e-sports tournament was organized there, with the participation of some of the best teams in the world and the best “gamers”.

Teleperformance brings together the best opinion leaders from around the world in this unique convention. They were able to interact directly with many experts on the latest developments in the next generation of digital interactions.

Eefje “SJOKZ” Depoortere, journalist, European sports icon and event host, said: “I am delighted to be invited to Lisbon for the opening of the e-Sports Arena. Thank you so much for the teleperformance. ”

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Important aspects

– World Leader in Integrated Digital Solutions created in 1978;

– € 7.1 billion in transactions from 2 branches: 89%, for core services and digitally integrated business service activities (customer relations, technical support, customer acquisition, back-office in human resources and accounting, consulting business processes in analysis, automated systems and systems) Then “special services”, with better margins (explained, visa application management, debt collection);

– Turnover is divided into linguistic areas: Spain and Latin America 33%, Asia-Pacific 30%, Europe and Africa 30% and India and the Middle East 7%;

– “Easy, fast, secure” business model outsourcing offer administration and with 3 priorities for multinationals – digital transformation, sector integration (financial services, health and public sector) and expansion of international presence;

– Divided capital, founder Daniel Julien holds 2% of the shares and presides over the 16-member board of directors and assumes general management;

– Financial strength and agility (debt rating raised), € 5.2 billion in equity, € 661 million in net cash and more than € 1.5 billion in cash.

The challenge

– 2025 strategy that combines sustainable internal growth and acquisitions in canal and market vertical services targeting a turnover of 10 billion euros and an operating margin rate of 16%;

– “High Touch-Hi Tech” Innovation Strategy: Internally: TAP (Technology, Data Analysis, Process Excellence) to structure and set up expert solutions (experienced customer, predictive model, automation, etc.) to adapt to the system architecture and To focus on remote management and customer interaction through the Cloud Campus platform / externally: from 100 exclusive platforms, companies are advised to transform, the Cyber ​​Security Offer Eagle Project, led by the “Trust and Safety” team supported by the GSOC Center And X-Lab Research Center;

– “Citizens of the Planet” environmental strategy, targeting carbon neutrality by 2040: 49% reduction by 2026, vs. 2019, carbon emissions per worker, focusing on legal / carbon footprint reduction by SBTi, created 9/10


Reducing electricity costs and extreme weather risks with 40% of employees working in India, Mexico and the Philippines;

– Benefits of launching digital integrated business services, specializing in banking, hospital, transportation and healthcare;

– Continuity of African expansion;

– Centurion of health advocates (digital health management) and specialist in citizen services after the unification of Americans, continuous acquisitions (€ 1 to 2 billion by 2025).

The challenge

– Impact on Philippine Peso / Dollar Turnover, Brazilian Real and Argentine Peso / Dollar parity, 45% of turnover being denominated in American currency;

– 2022 Objective: Continued revenue growth of more than 5% and an operating margin of around 15.5%.

Advertising: Offensive in “retail media”

This segment of the advertising market is designed for e-merchants, their online advertising space and their customer data monetization. It enjoys strong growth. In recent months, Havas and Publis have stepped up their presence in the area. Thus Havas launched “Add to Basket”, an entity dedicated to “retail media”. For Publicis, it is owned by CitrusAd, an Australian adtech focused on “retail media” and established in the United States primarily for over 100 100 million. This activity allows the publisher to refine his knowledge of the retail site, giving his clients the credibility of his skills. Finally, Criteo, a French group focused on online advertising launched in 2005, has also begun segment consolidation by acquiring an English firm for 80 380 million.

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