The first 1000 days of the 5 axis baby of the national project action

Since April 2021, the National Project 1000 Premier Jars has been placed in 5 priority areas of action, wrapping up several public policies (Health, Parental Support, Child Care Procedures, Disability).

In 2021, 5 priority areas for action have been identified

Axis n ° 1 – Improve parental support throughout the time by trying to avoid interruptions and strengthen support at critical times: Early prenatal interview, stay in maternity ward, return home and first week. But develops offers of support for paternity and especially for parental leave.

Axis n ° 2 – Offer advanced support according to parental needs. Deploy a service tailored specifically for parents with disabilities, test the Perinatal Program (RéPAP) in 4 pilot areas with reference, or strengthen the way parents care for emotional distress.

Axis n ° 3 – Provide (future) parents with easy, accessible and reliable informationBased on scientific knowledge, such as the first 1000 days of application, reference site Public Health France and the first 1000 days booklet distributed in response to the CAF and MSA announcements. Pregnancy from October 2021. Parent groups are also tested by Cafs.

Axis n ° 4 – Invite parents to take the time to build a relationship with their child. In particular, paternity and childcare leave has been extended to 28 days from July 1, 2021, of which 7 are compulsory. Crystal Heidemann (then President of Snyder Electric France) and Julien Damon (Scientific Adviser to the National School of Social Security) were also tasked with creating missions for better reconciliation between professional and family time. .

Axis n ° 5 – Improve the quality of child care facilities for young children. Because they are both professional, social and family life as well as a place for development, a way to socialize, awaken and fight against inequality and solutions to connect their reproduction. The national certificate for the reception of young children became a reference shared by all – the institution and the maternal assistant. Early childhood relays provide a framework for childminders to discuss their practice. They facilitate their access to continuing education. At each institution, a “Health and Inclusive Care Reference” now recommends encouraging teams to care for children with disabilities or those suffering from chronic illness. It helps to make any crche a place of health promotion. Finally, the Enfance = Egalité plan encourages continuing education so that every professional becomes an actor in the fight against inequality and their reproduction.

In 2022, the first 1000 days is to work together among all the professionals in the field

On April 12, 2022, a second guideline for the first 1,000 days was published in the Official Bulletin Health – Social Protection – Solidarity No. 2022/10 of April 29, 2022. It invites consolidation of the steps taken

In terms of creating websites, mobile applications and booklets, 2022 is especially the year of big bag testing for the first 1000 days: a welcome gift for paternity given during motherhood and encouraging gestures and habits that are beneficial for the health and development of every child.

Operation “Are you a professional for the first 1000 days? Let it be known” also makes it possible for professionals to showcase the diversity of this large community. With a few clicks, those who trust the services of state, social security or local authorities can register online and share their own ways of contributing to the first 1000 days of priorities.

Following a second partnership committee that highlighted the regions, the directive finally invited ARS, DDETS, the poverty commissioner and local authorities to invest from 2022 this year. Divisional Family Services Committee. Partnerships make it possible for them to work together in the first 1000 days and set shared priorities for action, for example the first 1000 days related to the House.

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