The nurses at this Renaissance University Hospital save lives all over the world

Saving lives at work is already something significant. But for Gaëlle Biou, it still wasn’t enough. For 25 years, this child care nurse at Rennes University Hospital has been part of the Pompeii Solidarity’s humanitarian organization and has worked internationally to help the population in need.

In an instant

Gail’s career took shape after the 2005 tsunami in Southeast Asia. Pompiers were rented anew with Solidaires, and while living in Bayonne, he took a leave of absence and decided to go to Indonesia to apply his skills to work for the local people. On site, Ga একটিlle, with a small delegation from the association, provides care at a small medical center and participates in the management of drinking water in the 2,500 tsunami survivor camps.

In 2006, a nurse traveled to the Indonesian island of Java to help an earthquake survivor (Pompeii Solidiars).

Temporary operating room

For nurses, the experience is irresistible. Upon his return, he realizes how meaningful and quick his promise is to return to the field. “In a mission like this, I don’t think I’m changing roles,” said Gail Beau “My job, on a daily basis, is to take care of sick children, to support parents. Abroad, it’s just a structure that changes. “

We had to remove the misguided bullets

Following a new trip to Indonesia on the earthquake-damaged island of Java, a child care worker was sent to Sri Lanka in 2008 for a ministerial-level mission in civil security. In a small makeshift camp surrounded by local army soldiers, Gail and his team take care of civilians wounded in battle. “We have operated on women, men and even children. The misguided bullets they received had to be removed. We were in the operating theater in the heat, in an open tent with mosquito nets.

Splints with cardboard

Faced with this kind of reality, coming back to France is sometimes a bit unstable. “When I got back, I was a little out,” the nurse explained. “For a few days now, we have had the idea that our lives here are nothing but futility, we are in excess and we are on the side of the plate. It has to be redeemed every time. “

A temporary hospital in the Tamil region of Sri Lanka that treats civilians injured in war
A temporary hospital in the Tamil region of Sri Lanka that treats civilians injured in war (Solidarity Firefighter)

Through his humanitarian commitment, Gayle was also called upon to take part in development missions abroad aimed at supporting local people on health issues. In 2009, in Madagascar, he especially contributed to the teaching of a number of villages that could be rescued by hand. For example: make a splint with cardboard in case of fracture. It was during this trip that Gayle met her future husband Olivier, who was also a Breton firefighter who was a member of the association.

Humanitarian from home

After a new mission in Haiti in 2010, he decided to join his partner and cross the country to settle in Brittany. He was admitted to the University Hospital in Rennes, after which he decided to take a break from humanitarian travel abroad for some time. This long brace will be dedicated to the birth of her two children: Leah and Arthur.

In her daily life as a child care nurse, Gaëlle Biou has regularly been able to put her professional experience to good use in humanitarian missions.
In her daily life, Gaëlle Biou, a child care nurse, has been able to make good use of her professional experience in humanitarian missions on a regular basis (Solidarity Firefighter).

Far from the field, he does not abandon his humanitarian commitment, however, and spends hundreds of hours in the logistics organization of the association’s mission. In the diaper change, the funds and partnership forms go through her small office in her home.

Assessment Mission in Eastern Europe

But it is difficult to resist the call of the field for a long time. Gayle is returning to Armenia in 2021 for an assessment mission to help distorted soldiers in the Nagorno-Karabakh war, as her children grow up well. At the scene, the lame young boys tell him a cold story. “We have seen big injuries, broken limbs. In fact, they did not fight with conventional weapons, they fought with drones and rockets from the sky. “With the association, the nurse made it possible to create a roadmap to help rehabilitate wounded soldiers in the countryside despite the lack of proper care.

My daughter asks me every week if she can leave the association soon

Shortly afterwards, the outbreak of war in Ukraine sent him on a journey again to run an assessment mission on the Polish border in the town of Pragmatis. Taking stock of the situation in more than 4,000 refugee camps, the humanitarian delegation identified a major health problem and paid for the rent of several pre-determined fountains. Measures that prevent the spread of many diseases.

“Very proud” child

Once back from Eastern Europe, returning to family life seems to be a bit of a balancing act for Gail. As soon as she got off the plane, she quickly bumped into her husband, who flew on a mission to Togo. A commitment that requires a specific agency on a daily basis. “It’s not always easy, especially with my work schedule,” the nurse said. “But we are lucky couples who understand each other in this way. And then, to help us with the kids, we can rely on close family.

In 2022, the Pompiers Solidaires Association will travel to the border between Poland and Ukraine to assess the needs of refugees.
In 2022, the Pompiers Solidaires Association goes to the border between Poland and Ukraine to assess the needs of refugees (Pompiers Solidaires).

For Leah and Arthur, it’s hard to imagine everyday life without the famous mission of their parents. “My daughter asks me every week if she can leave the association soon,” Gail believes. “And the youngest walks around wearing his firefighter costume every day. If they are worried sometimes, I always try to find the right word to reassure them. They understand the importance of my promise and they are very proud. “

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