They live on the streets and yet, Ludivine, Fred and Eves honor their employment agreement at the Duttemple firm.

Homeless, Frédéric, Ludivine and Yves have joined the “First Hour on the Site” program to gradually reconnect with the world of work and find a stable life.

IThere was a beautiful woman, I liked to take care of myself. I lived in a flat with my daughter. Men would come to my house anytime. Friends are dragging me down, hitting me. I was so bored, tired, at the end of my wits, I gave up everything, returned to my place of residence and went to live in a pastoral house. It got worse, I was fired, my daughter stayed with her father, and I stayed on the street. Since 2015, the road has damaged Ludivine, her body and her mind. But looking at him, we easily believe him. A gentle look, a little veil, a face dotted with freckles and pierced by a few gems. What he was is no more.

Desire to get out

But at age 34, Ludivine is being reborn. “Familiar Like a white wolf“In Valencia, where he often drowned his sorrows in alcohol, unfortunately with his companions – many of whom ascended to heaven – the youngest woman, the mother of a 10-year-old girl, a survivor who drew deep into herself, his worst Between the twists and turns of agony, the spark of hope and the longing to get his head above the water. Emerged. This is also the wish of Yves from his height of 62 years. The three chains representing the Christian cross around his neck bear witness to this. He has reached retirement age and yet the man still feels fit, able to work and finds a way back to a stable life. , They help each other, inspire each other.

Rejuvenated work on duttemple farms

Thanks to the “First Hour on Site” project, they have signed an agreement to maintain the urban farm dutamps in Valencia from mid-April. In chickens, geese, leon goats, lettuce, radishes, herbs… Ludivine and Eves slowly find a balance, like a tiny seed that begins to germinate between them and ends in egg hatching. “I smile when I get home from workSlip Ludivine. I love being here, it calms me down. There is no chef who comes to press us every 5 minutes“They are close to hatching, but need patience. Likes to work on the land, in contact with the soothing nature, the pair feels valued and regains an essential confidence to reconnect with reality.

A residence soon

Ludwigine will soon receive a separate residence in the Hameu accommodation center in La Sentinel. Yves, meanwhile, Marly should integrate into a relay house. At the same time, they are revising their administrative documents. Meanwhile, both of them sleep on the street most of the time, when life at home becomes unbearable (violence, theft). Despite this highly uncertain situation, they show up seriously on the farm every Monday and Friday. Quickly, they work 8 hours a week and their speed of earning a living should increase further and finally reconnect with a certain sweetness of life.

Leon, goat 6

“First hour on site”, get back on track

What is the future for people on the streets, for pedestrians? The question may arise. The new system “First Hour Under Construction” finally responds. Led by the Association Convergence France (Emmaüs Défi), the program – which returns to work and fights against exclusion – has just begun in CAPEP. Since April, two pairs have benefited from it, and others will follow in the coming months, as the profiles associated with this system are numerous in Valencia. The “first hour on site” is an alternative to the 28-hour integration site (usually within 24 to 32 hours), widely deployed in this region. “It is difficult for people who are away from employment, who have not worked for many years, who live on the streets, who are marginalized, to work 28 hours a week directly,” Mohamed explains, the special educator who pilots the system in CAPEP. This deficiency has now been met.

To start 4 hours per week

The system offers a fixed six-month consolidation contract renewable at the rate of 4 hours per week to get started. A history of gently stepping foot without the need for productivity or performance demands, so that fragile employees do not rush into trying to restructure themselves step by step. The interest in these new devices allowed them to gradually increase according to their possibilities, their aspirations, their abilities; And so 4 to 8 o’clock, then 12 o’clock, 4 o’clock, 8 o’clock.

Employment as a first step

In parallel with this work performed on Duttemple Urban Farm – led by a technical supervisor – the challenge is to remove other barriers that may hinder employee projects (housing, health, etc.). Profiles capable of integrating “first hour on site” are marked by Abby Pierre (reception of the day) in the Persian system (CAPEP) or Valencian’s Solidarity Store. At the end of the course, these motivated employees will be able to switch to classic integration projects or, why not, find direct employment path, such as huge revenge on a life … not always gentle.

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