This comic condemns the emotional stress of heterosexual couples

Laundry, cooking, cleaning, kids … it always falls on Claris! Even when his partner tries, he always has to come back. A story of sexuality and emotional understanding, which Emma shared in her latest comic strip “Ca se semetoù?” Explained wonderfully.

Housework for Madame

“Where is it?” Which woman of the heterosexual couple has never heard this phrase? Raise your hand … and the woman who doesn’t want to answer “Well look, we live in this house just like everyone else, you should know.”It’s time to dump her and move on. “It will go fast and at least it will be done well “… Here A perverted process that plagues many homes.

In its latest Time Use Study, INSEE estimates that 70% of domestic and parental tasks fall on the women of heterosexual couples. Emma, ​​a computer engineer, mom and designer at the age of 36 in her spare time, released a comic strip called May 19, just as you can understand, “Where is it?”. Goal: To shed light on this problem.

Along the board, The designer decipheres the internal mechanics Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. This is the argument used by some men for poor, or at least unequal, distribution They need control over what happens in their partner’s home. When they try, it’s never good enough.

However, our appetite for domestic work is not written in our genes: Like almost everything to clean, it can be learned. And since little boys are rarely taught how to cook, turn on a washing machine, iron a shirt or open a sheet, They don’t have the patience to do it when they grow up.

Yes, because time is spent on household chores Less time to rest or develop your career. So the work gets frozen and someone has to stick to it. Conditioned from birth to keep their home well, It is women who find themselves on a mission. So they lose 1h26 more per day than their male counterparts, According to INSEE. This is called mental burden.

Stress: quesaco?

The stress of mental work was first mentioned 1984 in an academic article entitled “General Management of Life Between the Two” by Monique Highcult. She describes the life of a heterosexual couple who has to worry about her pot, her children and her vacuum cleaner while she is at work.

In this way, he defines the stress of family mental work Something that transcends a general set of limitations Professional and domestic. Mentally challenged women spend a lot of time caring for the home, One finds oneself constantly thinking about it, even at a time when it should be for them and their personal perfection..

Nevertheless, this notion of emotional understanding is primarily reserved for a closed circle of sociologists and educators. It’s just around the corner 2017, that it has reached the ears of the general public, especially thanks to Emma’s work on her comic strip “Flight Demand”.. He often explains that in simple language and with gentle illustrations Sir, I hope Madam will tell him what to do (and how).. Inherently, that meansHe is considered the chief administrator of the house. For which a Titanic works He does not receive salary or assessment. It’s normal for a woman to take care of …

And what do we do now?

Unfortunately, as Emma explains, There is no miracle solution… although politicians, like ecologist and economist Sandrin Rousseau, have begun to raise the issue, Emotional burden and embedded sexuality are social problems that will take time to solve.

On your small scale, Emma still gives you some tips to try to alleviate when your relationship situation is (too) heavy. Of these it offers List all household chores, indicating their duration and frequency. An easy way to make your partner aware of everything you do.

Or, the designer explains that you can Allocate tasks to you while forcing you not to pay for his negligence. History has shown that, sir, everything is not magic. Anyway, at least Equip yourself with patience, it will take time (and energy)..

Do you sometimes get the impression of being exploited in your home? In contrast, do you see the workload being fairly balanced? Let us know about it and give us your tips in our forum. In the meantime, click here to read Emma’s work.

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