To Lyman, in Donbass, under fire: “We hope we are lucky.”

In Donbass, the small town of Lyman is constantly bombarded by Russian troops. In the surrounding villages, some rare residents have decided to stay and have sex with regional defense fighters who are still trying to defend Ukrainian positions.

In a village about ten kilometers from Lyman, Nina Filipovna walks along the path to her perfectly maintained garden. Nothing seems to be able to disturb this woman’s peace in the midst of her roses, The sound of gunfire is louder A few more kilometers.

“There’s been no gas, no water or electricity for days. There’s not even a shop where you can buy bread,” explained the old woman with the blue eyes. , At the bottom of his garden preparing food in a stove covered with stones. “Russia and Ukraine were two brother countries, with a common culture and history. I just want peace. I would like to express my condolences to all the victims, whether they be Russian or Ukrainian. “

“My mother doesn’t want to leave.”

With his daughter Lena, 49, they are among the last inhabitants of the village. A few days ago, British volunteers tried to persuade him to leave. But there is nothing to do. “Leaving? If it ends up in a hotel full of people I don’t know, no thanks. It’s my home here, I was born in this village and I have flowers to take care of.”

“When a missile lands, you can do nothing.”


A resident of a village near Limon

But a few tens of meters away, Two houses vacated by their residents were bombed by the Russian army. Where there was supposed to be a similar tidy garden a few days ago, only ruins remain. “I was at home at the time of the incident. The bombing was so close that our windows shattered, remembering his daughter Lena. There have been two attacks already and our house is still intact. So we hope we will still be lucky.” My mother does not want to leave and I do not want to leave my mother. However, when a missile hits, you can do nothing. “

Fighting continues in Donbass as the Ukraine war enters its fourth month Vladimir Putin has focused most of his efforts since the failed attacks in Kiev and Kharkiv.. In one of his last speeches, Ukrainian President Zelensky was “worried”, recalling that “almost all Russian military forces in the region have begun offensive”.

Every day, Russian forces are gaining ground, especially in small towns Lyman, in the Donetsk region, under artillery fire for several weeks. More than half of the city will now be occupied by the Russian army. According to the mayor, who himself fled the city, 6,000 to 8,000 civilians are still present in Liman, where 40,000 were pre-war residents.



Between 6,000 and 8,000 civilians are still present in Liman, up from 40,000 before the war.

In recent days, bombings at these important railway junctions have intensified. Taking Lyman would give Moscow a convenient position to prepare for an attack on Sloviansk, the next major city in the Donetsk region.. Located about thirty kilometers to the south, it was already occupied by pro-Russian separatists between April and July 2014, before it was occupied by Ukrainian forces.

Civilians have become military

At the height of the village, A regional defense battalion, Made up of civilian volunteers and conservators, takes a position in Grove, ignoring Lyman. At each blow of Russian artillery a thick white smoke covered the city. A few kilometers behind this grove, the Ukrainian artillery responded with a rocket-propelled grenade. The battalion is moving from one position to another: “There are regular Russian drones here. It is better not to hang around,” a soldier sighed before resuming his observation with binoculars.

In the morning, two planes flew over the city as well as four helicopters. However, there was no sign of panic among the volunteers in the area, whose lives had nothing to do before February 24. Two of them were engineers, the other worked in a factory in Poland. Of the 28 soldiers in this unit, only four or five had military experience before 24 February. “Of course we are concerned, anyone in this situation will be worried. But we believe in our message and our victory. We are dealing with an enemy who does not know why he is fighting, this is our main strength. “No one forced us to stay here,” said Hussein, a Lebanese-Ukrainian originally from Konstantinovka in Donbass who had returned to Ukraine in a state of emergency from the first day of the war, from Lebanon where he had buried his mother. Do not forgive what the Russians are doing here. Neither I nor my children and grandchildren’s generation. “

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