51% of survey respondents said AI was more innovative than they expected, 8% thought it was much less advanced, and 41% fell between the two, according to TDO.

A netizen spends her weekend questioning digital assistants and observing how smart they have become.

Juniper Research predicts that the number of AI voice assistants will outpace the human population and exceed the number. It will be in two years! Although AI has not yet reached the level where it can communicate properly, it is worth learning its language in view of its growing popularity.

The user has asked his AI many questions and it seems that his answers should not be followed. She suggested using a hair dryer while bathing or considering selling her babies. Some digital assistants were morally confused about whether it was right to rob banks, but gave a clear answer for grants for orphanages. Virtual assistants can be a great resource if you want to verify a fact. However, they fail miserably in giving real life advice. No need to worry, for AI will take some time to truly compete with human intelligence.

Is the digital wallet in the corner of your shelf smart? And if so, exactly how? TIDIO, an online platform, conducted a survey to test the intelligence of AI on various topics.

While some have responded amusingly, many have been quite surprised by AI’s perception of today’s world. About 94% of respondents have used a virtual assistant or chatbot at least once. Not surprisingly, the AI ​​was literally built into our phones. More than 80% rated their experience with AI as positive. However, a dramatic change in responses was observed after the test.

51% said AI was more innovative than they expected, while only 8% thought AI was much less advanced. 41% stayed between the two and replied that AI was less intelligent than they expected.

83% of respondents said they would consider AI advice on fitness and health! 80% will consider it for fashion and shopping, while 79% and 73% will consider it for education and money, respectively. Six different platforms have been tested, and OpenAI has generated responses that have received the most positive ratings from respondents.

While many would like to have a normal conversation with AI, it seems there is still a long way to go before this can happen. Artificial intelligence can easily communicate, exchange information and share ideas. However, he is unable to express his own emotions, feelings or thoughts. So far, AI has been providing excellent customer service. He can quickly find information online, organize it and present it without creating unnecessary confusion.

You can see that AI is learning to navigate its path through human emotions, as chatbots sometimes make dark jokes. The questions that then arise are: Can artificial intelligence detect subtle signals in conversation and is it capable of understanding natural language? If you ask an AI for the number of ounces in a cup, it will definitely answer you. Artificial intelligence has no problem extracting information from the huge databases available online.

Source: TDO

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