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Left to right: Michelle Liu, David ElliottColin Moreau

The study, conducted at the University of Ottawa, is inspiring: there are more who conduct it. In 2022, no less than 3 of the 13 winners of the prestigious Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship are continuing their doctoral research at the University of Ottawa.

Colin Moreau, David Elliott, and Michelle Liu address the cutting edge issues of innovation and criminal law, artificial intelligence and security, and equity at the juncture of law and engineering.

Discover the projects, interests and immense curiosity of these three notable people and learn how their daring research will contribute to a better understanding of our world, its barriers, its dangers, its inequalities and its possibilities.

Michelle Liu, University of Ottawa, Civil Engineering

Michelle Liu is the first person to have a law degree (JD) and a doctorate in engineering at the University of Ottawa at the same time. Her research focuses on the evaluation of the National Building Code from an equity perspective under the joint guidance of engineering professor Beatrice Martin-Perez and law professor Jenna McGill.

Michelle holds an Honors undergraduate and postgraduate degree in Civil Engineering from Waterloo University and has worked in construction and design for Canadian and international engineering firms. He has worked at law firms Blake, Castles and Graden where he will do an internship in 2023 while continuing his doctoral research. He aspires to be a scholar at the junction of engineering and law, a goal he believes the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Fellowship Program will help him achieve.

Michelle’s identity and experience have inspired her to take part in the advancement of EDI, which includes a member of the Law Society of Ontario’s Equity Advisory Panel and chair of the University of Waterloo Engineering Alumni Committee. He left Montreal to settle in Ontario and can speak French and English. In summer, she enjoys countryside camping to escape the world!

David Elliott, University of Ottawa, Critical Surveillance and Safety Studies

David Elliott is an artificial intelligence researcher, athlete, activist and entrepreneur from Kingston, Ontario. While a graduate in sociology at St. Francis-Xavier University, David was active in the local movement to combat the climate crisis, where he participated in a public assembly and numerous protest organizations. After graduating from St. Francis Xavier, he began his undergraduate studies at Queen’s University where he worked with artificial intelligence at the Surveillance Study Center.

As a member of the new Critical Surveillance and Security Studies program, David will continue his academic studies at the doctoral level at the University of Ottawa, where he will focus on artificial intelligence and data economics.

In addition to his research work, David Elliott manages an entertainment show production company, Elliott Entertainment, with which he has created and presented more than 200 magic shows in Canada. As an athlete, he competed in fencing competitions at provincial, national and international levels. Through the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Fellowship Program, David hopes to gain strong leadership skills and build connections that allow him to expand the social reach of his research.

Colin Moreau, University of Ottawa, Criminology

Coline Moreau holds a master’s degree in law from UCLouvain, Belgium. She is currently a full-time doctoral student in the Department of Criminology at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ottawa. He is a member of the Canadian Research Chair in Legal Traditions and Penal Rationality. Powered by Blogger.

He has conducted research in criminal law, criminology and human rights. He is particularly interested in innovation and barriers to innovation in criminal law reform, as well as punishment and enforcement issues. At the same time, she conducted research on the effectiveness of children’s rights.

He has also invested in leadership discovery and contributed to the Leadership Academy at the University of Ottawa (research assistant, teaching assistant, and founder of the Leadership Academy alumni community).

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