Agriculture, Forestry, Education বিল Mirelle Robert’s Bill

The outgoing MP has a record that he wants to put forward and plans to protect.

Even if he admits that he has the most respect for his political opponents – even those from whom he has strayed the most in terms of values ​​- there is no question for outgoing MP for the 3rd seat, Mirelli Roberts, to “give up everything” and whatever. What? Mr. Rankul likes to describe me as an upstart deputy who has not been able to bear the brunt of the Odyssey. “

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And to quote, in reply, “Many files brought to Paris: development of the hospital and maintenance of its emergency services, visits to Chourian companies, private, government, agricultural high schools, local missions and charities President’s visit to Saint-Gouderick, foreign troops … Thinking of making fun of me, he talked about the location of my Carcassonne office, at 40 Avenue du Dr. Gout, not knowing that ‘the exception is 23 even numbers, the whole road, on both sides, in my constituency.’ Months without mutual insurance will not be entitled to it.He forgot to mention that low-income people are entitled to receive it under the Comprehensive Health Insurance (CSS). He then proposed a C reform in the heart of the village, forgetting that it was the majority of us who implemented the “Coeur de ville” and “Small Towns of Today” plans, which benefited many odd municipalities that I actively supported with the ministry (Castelnaudari, Bram. , Chalabre, Limux, Quiza, Esparaza, Quilan, etc). Gendarmerie staff? He forgot to mention that these have already been extended. He forgot to mention the Matras law. “Emanuel Macron’s project is to forget the trainees we’ve led and to upgrade the technical high school comprehensively and radically. Speaking of services, forget that we have created a universal national service, so acclaimed, especially in the Legion, and which would include a national environmental service. He talked about agricultural pensions, but he forgot that we have already upgraded them, we are going to go further and we have introduced real maternity leave for women farmers.

A program for rurality

Mirelli Robert declared “a real party” to support him if elected. “My deputy, Philip Fowe, the mayor of Pageens, will be able to replace me with the mayors. Of course, I will be interested in what is happening, but it will give me time to legislate and work. For the citizens.” He claims the importance of proximity to a deputy who must represent his fellow citizens and be like them. “I don’t find representatives of national rallies or NUPES people who are similar to our region. We are in a difficult time where we have to make difficult decisions, we need to have a certain peace.”

And Bill

“I want to work on a minimum income for farmers. There is little with MSA but not enough. It is out of the question that a young person who settles down does not receive the minimum wage. We will need food, young and old to survive in agriculture. “We have to get them out of poverty, out of the uncertainty they are in. It is not normal for them to be able to keep their jobs,” he said. He mentioned a second project: Forest and ONF. “We need to reforest, we need to think about wood wisely, we need to train people in our area – Montagne Noire, Haute-Vallee – there is work to be done. We need to be able, with all partners, to move forward with a project industrialization, forestry, crafts. We need to have a real afforestation policy. We did a lot of work on it in the previous term of office but we did not succeed. We can achieve that. “

In terms of education: “Supervisors must have a permanent contract. School Speech Therapists are needed to evaluate.” And to continue her fight against cancer: “I am the only Member of Parliament for INCA (National Cancer Institute) and one who advocates for the education of children with type 1 diabetes. We must push for trained teachers.” It will also be an opportunity for people to take an interest in politics. Our citizens need to be close so that they feed us with their ideas which we MPs will form for legislation. : “We’ve done a lot for great uncertainty.” All we have to take care of is the middle class, which is between the minimum wage and € 2,000, those who work hard and those who don’t make it: self-employed, teachers … My next fight, it will be public school maintenance. Homeschooling is not possible!

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