Behind the scenes of Station Cosmos and Space Loop, Futurescope 2022 Innovation

Can you elaborate on the promise of Station Cosmos for future passengers?

Located at the entrance to the park, Hotel Station Cosmos is connected around three buildings. A huge space exploration base located in a mineral landscape inspired by Mars forms three modules.

Projected into an imaginary future, future crew members (hotel residents) The crew members of this space base can slip on their shoes during their position. Cosmos Station is the world’s first space exploration base. It is located on the Kepler 442-B exoplanet in the center of the Lyra constellation. Inspired by the World Space Exploration Agency, Cosmos Station is a space exploration base dedicated to exploring plant species with new features.

During their mission, both Kepler 442-B and other unknown planets, scientists collected extraterrestrial plants that they brought back to the base for analysis and enrollment in exobiology laboratories. Proven by the presence of all kinds of plants in the terrarium.

Hotel Station Cosmos offers 76 family rooms, with a minimum area of ​​28m2 and accommodating up to 4. People. Each cabin illuminates the theme of the place in every detail, giving its occupants an immersive experience as an extension of the trip to the park: the illusion of a weightless bed, capsules next to children, Home automation to control equipment.

Where did the idea of ​​building a cosmos station come from? What was your inspiration?

Space Adventure has always been an important part of the history of the Futuroscope. Everything related to space shows the dreams of children and adults, it was a logical continuation to develop the experience of living in this theme.

How long have you been working on this project?

Since the design 3 years ago, with 2 years of work. The inauguration of the Station Cosmos Theme Hotel is part of the global strategic approach of Futuroscope (Vision 2025 plan presented in October 2020) aimed at winning the hearts of more distant customers and extending the duration of always maintaining a high level of immersion. Park visitors to its universe.

With a total investment of 20 million euros, the hotel station Cosmos and the restaurant space loop mark the opening of Futuroscope’s “Resortization” with their opening, a strategic axis that allows the park to be positioned as a vacation destination. And short position on the European scale.

What will be the effect on the average length of stay in Futuroscope?

The opening of Station Cosmos themed hotels and space loop restaurants should allow visitors to stay longer in the park. Today, 50% of visitors stay in the park for 2 days.

A new restaurant – Space Loop Restaurant – is opening its doors inside the hotel, can you tell us more?

To complete the experimental dimension of Station Cosmos, Futuroscope envisioned an amazing and spectacular restaurant concept thanks to an automated transportation system for each customer’s meal. After ordering via Touch Tablet, Space Loop customers enjoy the unusual experience of watching their food rise from the top of a restaurant in one system. Total 1 km rail Chain tight turns, loops and other stunning figures to reach their tables at the end of their race.

With 208 seats, the restaurant offers this experience for its hotel visitors from breakfast, it welcomes the park people for lunch and dinner and even for an afternoon break. It is also accessible to non-park visitorsWith an online reservation system to optimize visit times.

One thing is for sure: with these countless investments, Futuroscope is putting all its possibilities to offer itself a bright future in the next 35 years.

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