Can Jean-Michel Blanker win his bet?

The former education minister is playing a game of his own political survival in the assembly elections. Parachuting into the Loire, he was the target of all his opponents’ attacks in a constituency that put Marine Le Pen ahead in the second round.

Former National Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanker is campaigning in Emily, Loiret. © AFP / Guillaume Souvant

“I was fooled, it’s true he looks like that!” Bruno fell into the trap. Last Friday, as he was walking down the shopping street in Montergis, he met a fifty-year-old man whom he thought was Jean-Michel Blanker, before realizing that it was not real, but somehow. EELV activist Nur Durand-Raoucher, who became famous ten days ago as a minister, came to shake hands with NUPES candidate, Communist Bruno Natin. A well oiled stunt.

The EELV printed leaflet denounces Jean-Michel Blanker’s balance sheet. “Despite himself, he has become a symbol of the disintegration of the public service (national education).” “I will do in Montergis what I have done in national education.”. “I’m a teacher, and Jean-Michel Blanker I thank him. During the epidemic, he kept the schools open. Too bad the teacher had a coward, the kids too.” An annoyed worker.

Jean-Michel Blanker's double on the streets of Montergis.
Jean-Michel Blanker’s double on the streets of Montergis. © Maxppp / Ph Lavieille

The first campaign in his name for Blanker

“Hey, he’s my caretaker minister!” If he encounters a few questions about his balance sheet, a few hours ago, at the Châlette-sur-Loing market, Jean-Michel Blanquer (the real one!) Would rather suffer a lack of notoriety. A record in the Ministry of National Education after five years, many MLA candidates are not recognized. “I don’t know who it is.” Eric admits, handing out a newly distributed leaflet. Jean-Michel Blanker, bothered by the environmental happening? “No, the French satire is important. When I defended Charlie Hebdo, I think freedom of expression is associated with freedom of speech.”

On the other hand, the former minister is angry over the parachute trial that has been carried out on him since the announcement of the candidate. “I wanted to come here, because it’s important to go and conquer areas that are likely to go to the polls. (…) No, I wasn’t born here, but that’s not what that might be. Am I contributing?” The other section insists that he cannot vote because he is registered on the voter list. And Jean-Michel Blanker to list his priorities, just like his opponents: to fight medical desertification and to improve the training of Lorette’s youth.

Jean-Michel Blanker, former national education minister and legislator in the Loire of Montergis.
Jean-Michel Blanker, former national education minister and legislator in the Loire of Montergis. Radio France / Anne Sweetmondt

Marine Le Pen ahead of the constituency

Also by parachute, he was a candidate in the neighborhood department and in 2017, under another label, campaigned under the name of Thomas Menager, RN candidate, Marine Le Pen. Emanuel Macron won the second round of the presidential election. What makes him a favorite in this election? No. “For the first time, I ask myself questions, I’m not sure how to move,” explains Yvette, sitting a few meters away from the candidate. As with every election, the RNK has been suspended from mobilizing its voters.

So to persuade his supporters to vote on June 12 and 19, Thomas Menager is staging a supposed third round. “Voters have a choice between Emanuel Macron’s balance sheet accountant Jean-Michel Blanker and me, who supports Marine Le Pen.” His fate? A split line. Outgoing LR deputy Jean-Pierre Door hung Ariel Levy in orbit with his crampon. Polytechnician, settled in the area “Since captivity” He explained that, despite Valerie Pecres’ score, candidate Stamped LR wants to believe in his lucky star. “Right-wing voters have not disappeared. We must find them by talking to them about the basics.”

His opponent, Philip Moreau, is a right-wing dissenting candidate, a local elected official who can drop well at a few points. Will Jean-Michel Blanker manage to save his skin in this political equation for multiple reasons? “It’s too open” The departed deputy admits, Jean-Pierre Door.

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