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Between the deadly robot and the future dystopian, there are some wonderful surprises for us in the comic book market in May.

Summer is fast approaching, and the number of comic book releases is increasing. Despite the crisis, publishers have flooded us with summer releases in May. Cult works, robotic dystopias or travel invitations, there is something for everyone. For those who would rather bet on a novel there is always time to discover Flight of Skender and UnicornWhich promises to establish itself as the greatest youth achievement Harry Potter.

RUR: The rise of robots

Script and drawings by Caterina Kapova after Karel Kapek – 240 pages
Glénat Edition – Published on May 4, 2022 by € 25

Mand Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

Inspired by the nominal work of Carroll Capek, published in 1920, RUR A very nice signature Adaptation of the founder dramaWhich word first appeared “Robot”. After falling in love with an inventor who dreams of a human revolution, Helena settles on RUR’s factory island, where she fears the robotic creatures that live there as much as her thirst for humanity. Presented as impenetrable to love, fatigue and boredom, these androids eventually evolve to feel pain and quickly team up with their creator, while modern society can do no more without them.

Behind this Establish dystopia, Czech author Katerina Cupova pays a heartfelt tribute to our Capek text, often overlooked by SF fans. The theme of instrumental rebellion has been widely adopted ever since, becoming a true clich in popular culture. With its graphic style and its cultural heritage, we never tire of this new graphic novel published in France by Glenat.

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Foolish Night (T1)

Kasumi Yasudar Script and Drawings – 228 pages
Published by Glénat Edition on May 4, 2022 – € 7.60

Crazy night
Mand Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

As presentedFloral dystopia“We did not know what to think Crazy night Before reading it. However, the first series of Kasumi Yasudar stands as a great success, which Sometimes the gravity of seinen is mixed with light tones That we rather hope on a shonen. In a world devoid of the sun for over a century, humanity has found its salvation “Transflowering”, Which involves human transformation into plants to ensure the survival of the whole species. For ethical reasons, the operation is reserved for people at the end of life. Disappointed and without a future, the young Toshiro will still manage to avoid sanctions and become a plant to get rich for the time he has left to live.

Pessimistic and sarcastic, Crazy night Proves that the legacy of the younger generation of manga is certain. With this promising first volume, Kasumi Yasuda does a real and promising adventure, the sequel of which we can’t wait to discover.

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All Laila star dies

Screenplay by Ram V, by Philip Andre – 128 pages
Published by Urban Comics Edition on May 6, 2022 – € 19

Laila Star Comics
Mand Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

A young student named at the same moment in space-time Laila Starr decides to throw herself out the window, When a child named Darius is born, and death is released from its duty and mortal life is condemned. Three destinies that blend into the background of vengeance and immortality, in a psychedelic universe reminiscent of Neil Gaiman in the series Sandman And Good luck. As always, Ram V’s work is successfulAnd the color boards, signed by Philip Andrade, contribute to the very special atmosphere of the story, which will undoubtedly need to be closely followed in the coming months.

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Isekai Gourmets (T1)

Screenplay by Tomohiro Shimomura, drawing by Sato Sukishima – 206 pages
Published by Soleil Manga Edition on May 11, 2022 – € 7.99

Isekai gourmet
Mand Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

In Food war And Diablomakia, Isekai gurmets A bizarre legend, where a group of adventurers stumbles upon a magic tablecloth, capable of bringing food directly from our planet. When medieval-fantasy characters discover vanilla ice cream and soda candy, the result is bound to be explosive and full of sugar. Complete series in 3 volumes The new series, already published in Japan by the book, Soleil Manga, adopts the popular Iskai genre Sword Art Online Make it a journey full of taste and adventure.

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Mr. Tan’s script, drawn by Mato – 208 pages
Published by Glénat Edition on May 18, 2022 – € 10.75

Mand Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

Then there was the masterpiece Jijo, Mr. Tan and Mato are back together this year Ningyo, A new one A poetic and dream-like shot on family grief and death. This time, no stone statue or evil witch, the story immerses us in the forest of Aokigahara, Japan, known as the place of many suicides. Directed by a mysterious forest mermaid, young Kai goes there to try to understand her brother’s last gesture.

Always with great kindness and poetry, Ningyo Deals with death through the prism of love and goodness. Without its genius equal Jijo, Controversially complex to compete with, Mr. Tan still offers us a very nice return to the world of the dead. On each page, the author manages to strike a balance between the coolness of death and the emotions emanating from the characters. An offer that is a very beautiful story Bright conclusion Despite its theme. Recommended for all lovers of the genre as well as those who want to discover manga for the first time

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Script and drawing by Edouard Cour – 104 pages
Glénat Edition – Published on May 18, 2022 by 22

REV bd
Mand Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

In the near future, Rev. It is a virtual metaverse shaped by the dreams of its users. When young Gladys decides to try her luck in this unique new video game, she will discover a world far beyond what she had imagined. Supported by the mysterious Mr_iO, the character will act like a dream and endless adventure Ready Player One And Alice in Wonderland.

Cleverly isolated in terms of script writing, graphicly great: Rev. An individual spiritual experience. Edouard Cour’s line is a pleasure for the eye, which manages to make the comics a patchwork between dream and virtual which works wonderfully.

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Swamp Thing Infinite

Screenplay by Ram V, drawing by Mike Perkins – 304 pages
Published by Urban Comics Edition on May 20, 2022 – € 29

Swollen things
Mand Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

The re-launch of the DC Infinite Frontier continues, and after Batvers, Superman, and a few others, it’s time to get out of the swamp creature’s waist. Signed by Ram V (him again), the series features Levi Kami, a new incarnation of the Swamp Thing who is determined to unravel the mystery of a murderous supernatural being in the Arizona desert while his new identity is linked to SAP. A character in the DC universe that is often forgotten, Anti-Hero offers a promising first episode, which we are eagerly awaiting for the sequel.

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Carbon and silicon: black gold

Matthew Bablett’s Script and Drawings – 272 pages
Published by Ankama Edition on May 20, 2022 – € 44.90

Silicon carbon
Mand Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

Two years after its first release, Carbon and Silicon are back on Android Gorgeous black and gold version, Which pays homage to all the finesse of Matthew Bablett’s drawings, as much as to the size of his work. Formatting is imposed, binding works, at the height of the story which runs more than 250 pages. In the theme of the rebellion of robots (scheduled to be repeated this month), the story marks the creation and life of two prototypes of an artificial intelligence. New generation of robots For the purpose of caring for the elderly population.

Against the backdrop of climate disasters, social crises and the exaggeration associated with artificial intelligence, Carbon and silicon Is Already a reference book SF and dystopian expected streams. All the black and white lines of Matthew Bablett hit the mark with his bruised face and trembling lines. The addition of gold completes the elevation of the graphic novel to the position of editorial collector’s item.

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