From college to business, Microsoft France plans cyber security training

Microsoft France seems determined to become the center of French technical training. Following the development of artificial intelligence, cloud and applications, the company is looking for a new field this May 31: cyber security. The company is launching a “Skill Plan” aimed at training 10,000 new cyber security professionals in 3 years. To achieve this, Microsoft relies on its certified training courses which are for working professionals but also at the university level.

Like AI and cloud plans, the cyber security plan will be embodied by a school for the purpose of training job seekers to seek professional reconstruction. Microsoft France is thus replicating the model it has been developing with Startup Simplification since 2018, resulting in the emergence of 43 Microsoft schools, with more than 900 people trained in various technology professions.

15,000 vacancies in cyber

France alone now has 15,000 vacancies
Cyber ​​security sectorThis observation is one of the main concerns of ecosystem players, as it highlights both their operational issues and the additional cost of hiring.

This lack of skills is a central issue in the sector, and with it a second, more global problem, the lack of population awareness about cyber.According to a survey commissioned by Microsoft in partnership with IDC, 60% of companies plan to make their team more cyber-aware, and more than two-thirds of them say they are willing to invest in it. .

Faced with these challenges, Microsoft’s stance has doubled: on the one hand, the company is facing one of the biggest players in the sector and recruitment issues. On the other hand, its software has become the most targeted by attackers: among them, Active Directory (AD), used by more than 90% of the world’s companies. Basically, this software acts as a network directory and manages access to computer systems. If a malicious actor manages to reach AD and manipulate it, he can arbitrarily interfere in the affairs of the company. By educating its members about the basics of digital healthcare and the specific protections for its software, American Giant indirectly enhances the security of its products and its customers.

A cyber school for training operators

There is a myth that cyber security professionals are all bac + 5 and doctoral students. But when we look at the reality, bac + 2 and bac + 3 find their place in companies, for the implementation of cyber security elements “, La Tribune recalls Bernard Organlian, Microsoft France’s director of technology and security. Like other things it covers, so the company is a “Realistic approach“And training people to be effective immediately. As a result, it focuses training on defense, and eliminates aggressive cyber security.”When we train people in cyber security, we can’t have a vision for everything“, Argues Bernard Organlian.”We are not trying to train 5 foot sheep“, Corinne de Bilbao too.

Specifically, the training at Microsoft School will be conducted in two phases. First, a “bootcamp” [une formation accélérée, ndlr] Extending over 7 weeks will serve as a pre-qualification stage for training, leading to a Microsoft Security Certificate. Then, the selected students will receive another 3 months of intensive training, followed by 15 months of work-study work. At the end of this course, they will be given full training in cloud and hybrid security operator profession.

The idea is to train operators capable of operating cyber security tools. For example, they need to categorize the incidents identified by the software, with the help of colleagues who have received advanced training in non-standard incidents.

Raising awareness in secondary schools

Microsoft France does not want to limit itself to training professionals and wants to invest from the first links in the chain. The company has assembled an agnostic prevention kit – without any mention of its products – known as “Cybersecurity, My Future Work”. The latter will be presented by teachers, guidance officers or cyber security professionals who work with middle and high school students. To validate this approach, Microsoft relies on preferred partners: national measures for cybermalvillance, digital risk prevention and awareness.

The ambitious purpose of the kit is to raise the awareness of the youth about the cyber security challenges as well as to tarnish the image of the sector for job creation. As Bernard Organlian points out, the image of Pimple “Geek” survives, and the sector is struggling to awaken the profession among certain populations and, more generally, among young women. Microsoft France has hired 40 ambassadors to present the kit, which will be used exclusively in various organizations on the occasion of National NSI Day on June 7 to promote digital technology and computer science.

In higher education, Microsoft France has partnered with most cyber security training courses to offer its MOOC. [un cours en ligne, ndlr] More than 3 weeks, which leads to a certificate. And the company provides all kinds of certification training for professionals who are already in the post.