“Grolls, this is my parents’ first child!”

The shoes, the Vallagnosc family fell into it when he was younger. A legacy, of course, is left to Augustus, the grandfather who built the factory in Flyoske, but a creative passion for work and trade that will be passed from father to son over time.

We are in the 10th generation of shoe manufacturers Today, Pierre Vallagnosc, exclaims the company’s joint commercial manager with his sister Nathalie, administrative and financial director.

Witness this rich past, a red briefcase containing dozens of press clippings and old photos. “ It’s my grandmother Yvonne, 94, she keeps everything!The man, along with Ponytail, continues to be proud to re-open Souvenir’s album on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the first Grolls store. (1)Rue Season.

“Don’t wear shoes again”

In 1973, in the absence of a dressing room, Paul Vallagansk did not hesitate to open his shoe boxes in the open air. (Photo DR).

In the midst of this family fortune, a black and white portrait of the grandfather was made in his factory in 1948 at the Fleuske Rue de la Conque: “In those years, when the whole village was working after shoes, the nickname of the workers was” Lei Pigot “, the Provenসal name given to shoe makers”, Show an old map of the weights hanging on the wall, he explains, showing a pair of shoes instead of the village name.

Needless to say, the activities of this sector have been counted in the section: “My grandfather hired 80 workers in his factory!”

It was the golden age, the factory was in full swing, and the Vlagnosk couple worked as a family with their three children: Paul, Geneva and Jean-Marie.

Grolles store windows in the 70’s / 80’s. Picture Dr.

After studying romance and then in Milan as a model maker, Paul took over, he had already done big thinking and in 1972 opened the first store in the city center.

Starting a business strategy (2) That she would follow in his life with someone who would become his wife: “For the record, my grandfather bought the raw material from my grandfather, who was Tanner (3) at Graulheat, the birthplace of Tern’s leather. That’s how my father met my mother Nicole. Three months later, they were married!” A strange fate for a young woman who no longer wants to work in this environment: “He said ‘don’t wear shoes again’, which was born in his parents’ business!” [Rire]

“My father was a pioneer.”

Paul Vallagnosk made many models of shoes which he made in Spain and Italy. Photo Document VM.

Mrs. Vlagnosk (4) So Paul takes control of the store, while working to enrich the small business: “My father was a pioneer, he was not afraid of anything, he always went towards development, but he also had faults, he wanted to control everything, until the end, even a few days before his death, he never let go!”

The man fell in love with his job, his city, his region.

Its motto? “It’s better to have a big house than to be small among others”, I remember her son.

The couple, formed by Nicole and Paul Vallagnosk, have enriched the small family business. Picture Dr.

But if work is the secret of success, it is always the union that creates the energy and, as the saying goes: “Alone, we go faster, together we go further.”

So along with Nicole, Paul will manage his projects: “My mom gave her all her life to the gros, she made it shine, she wore shoes for 45 years Draconoise! ​​This store was my parents’ first child.”The entrepreneur specifies, a touch of emotion in his voice.

In the 1990s, the Flayosc plant closed its operations, “Don’t fire anyone”, Specifies August’s grandson.

It is the end of an era. Paul Vallagnosk then draws his models and makes them in Italy or Spain.

Necessary diversity

Nicole Vallagnosk, president of the Dynamic Season Association, is always ready to discuss the economic situation in suburban Draguignan, as in this photo taken by our photographer in 2017. Photo Doc Dylan Mayfret.

With the opening of Grolles 72 in 2011, Pierre, who joined the company, tried his hand at diversity and put together ready-to-wear in his collection: “I wanted to revive the image of Grolles. In this store, I now make only 50% of the shoes”, Explain that the hiring employs dozens of people.

He continues to work for his father, who died in January 2021. And just like him, he never lacks projects.

Meanwhile, the Destock shoe store at Boulevard St-Exupéry under the Grols brand has been transformed into a new concept for March 2023.

A promising future for the heirs of the Vallagnosk story:

“We are very proud of what our parents have achieved with our sister Mao, a young boy. We will do everything we can to make the company prosperous, hopefully our children will follow!” This young August dad, born on May 24, 2022, ended with a smile.

Inheritance guaranteed!

1. Grolles in porn means shoes.
2. The company employs 35 people in Vare, including 30 Dreseni, and today Vare has 14 stores: 8 in Draguinan, 4 in Saint-Maxime, 1 in Saint-Aigalfe, 1 in Flyoske.
3. The worker, the worker that skin, insults the skin.
4. Nicole Vallagnosk is still president of the Season Dynamic Association.

Pierre Vallagnosk, proud of the work done by his parents over the decades, presented the first Grolls bag. (Photo C.Cz).

“Don’t be afraid of new challenges”

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Grolls Store on June 4, Pierre Vallagnosk shared his views on local economy, projects in the city center and did not hesitate to reveal some secrets of longevity:

“Ultimately, we must bet on services, fighting the power of online commerce and department stores. This is our first weapon. One thing I know well because it was my father’s hobby horse who has long opposed the Carrefour Salamandria construction project.” Always protect small local businesses. To survive, you also need professionalism and not fall asleep, constantly renewing yourself. Work is the secret of success. Don’t be afraid to face new challenges! “

Local economy in the city center:
“I’m very positive about this, the big brands are coming back to downtown Draguignan, and then people are turning to people and consuming more and more locally. The work done at Boulevard Clemenso is a good thing. We’re waiting for the opening. Museums and pedestrian street renovations.”

Mirur Island Redevelopment Project:
“I believe in it, I’m fine, I want to believe because you have to evolve. The city of Draguignan is doomed to explode. If you build a beautiful city, you improve, you strengthen it with all future projects.” ..It may work! But you have to think about car parks: ” No parking, no business! ” ”

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