How to monitor your child’s Instagram account?

In the age of social media, kids want to join Instagram before and after. At what age can my child use Instagram? Why should you monitor your child’s Instagram account? How to protect your child on Instagram? Find out what you need to know to monitor your child’s Instagram account.

At what age can my child use Instagram?

According to the general terms of use of the Instagram social network, any user of the platform must Must be at least 13 years old. Verification of this information is done by the user’s manual information which must indicate his date of birth at the time of registration. Be aware that this data is relatively easy for a child who wants to create an account on the platform.

If social networks indicate this age limit, French law does not condemn the violation of this rule. Thus, a young child can create an Instagram account without the risk of any approval other than deleting his or her account, at the discretion of the platform, once Instagram becomes aware of the absence of the required age.

In practice, it may happen that your child is asked to keep an Instagram account long before the age of 13, often due to the influence of his school friends. It is up to you to decide whether or not to allow your child to enter the platform. However, it is essential to monitor your child’s Instagram account for their first steps on Instagram as a minor.


Why should you monitor your child’s Instagram account?

Although they certainly grow up very quickly, babies are sensitive to exposure to things they shouldn’t. That’s why they need to monitor what they post on the networks This site can help you:

Be it offensive content, strangers on the internet or bullying at school, screen barriers are far from adequate protection for our loved ones.

Also, constant and unlimited exposure to social networks can have consequences that should not be ignored (dependence on social networks, discomfort due to a weak self-image, ideological regression, etc.).

Monitor your child’s Instagram account So a way to fight at your level to protect your child from being prevented from participating in the same activities as his friends.

How to protect your child on Instagram?

Instagram regularly applies features that currently provide more protection for teens without the need to constantly monitor their child’s Instagram account.

Here are some tips and tricks to monitor your child’s Instagram account:

  • Personalize the child’s Instagram account: A personal Instagram account will only allow followers of the account to view user content. A request to add thus requires access to the account. This makes it easier to control who has access to what your child posts on social networks. To switch an account privately, go to Menu Settings> Privacy> Personal account> Switch to a personal account;
  • Limit comments: If your child doesn’t want to go through a personal account and you think he or she is old enough, you can use the limit comments feature. It only allows certain groups to comment on your child’s posts, which protects them from offensive comments from strangers. To restrict comments, go to Menu Settings> Privacy> Comments> Controls> Allow comments;
  • Block specific words: Monitoring your child’s Instagram account automatically protects them from offensive comments that may appear on the platform. For this, you can define a by yourself List of words to block For social networks to filter comments in an advanced way. To block specific words on Instagram, go to Settings Menu> Privacy> Hidden words;
  • Link your child’s account to your own Instagram account: Get direct access to notifications and control your child’s account more easily. Take the same precautions to respect privacy, pay allowances and talk to your teen so that he or she can learn the risks and good behaviors of using the Internet;
  • Set usage time: You have the option of setting a daily reminder from Instagram to let the child know that there is enough Instagram for today. Finally, some phones will allow you to deactivate the app completely after a while through parental controls.
How to protect your child on Instagram?

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