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Promoting cyber reflection and national awareness about the profession
Training of future computer security professionals in France
Simplon’s new Microsoft Cyber ​​School for job seekers

Issy-les-Moulineaux, May 31, 2022 – In the face of cyber security talent shortages, Microsoft is unveiling an ambitious plan to raise cyber security awareness and strengthen IT security skills in France. A new Microsoft Cyber ​​School will be opened in Simplon to train future professionals in the sector.

While protecting their IT environment is a priority for companies, in a context where threats are growing rapidly, there are still very few experts trained in cyber security. In France alone, there is today 15,000 locations available but not covered In the cyber security sector (source: Wavestone, March 2022).

Observations conducted by Microsoft with IDC, among French private and public companies, reveal that 52% of French companies make protection against targeted attacks on IT security products and solutions their top priority, and 70% of them plan to increase their security costs. . Otherwise, 64% of organizations say they prioritize cyber security education and awareness for their employees Within the next two years.

To meet these challenges and expectations from French companies, Microsoft has reaffirmed its strategy around 4 pillars Identify, protect, raise awareness and trainAnd makes an announcement Cyber ​​Security Skill Plan An event dedicated to the cyber campus of La Defense, a totem site of cyber security in France.

Through this nationwide training plan, we aim to train 10,000 new cyber security professionals by 2025, and seek to strengthen the skills of professionals in this sector through our continuing education activities. This year, 10,000 of them have already been affected by these programs, which is essential at a time when cyber attacks are on the rise. I am confident about the potential of our commitment as well as expert partners and hope that everyone who is willing can take up a career in cyber security, regardless of their profile. AHighlighted Corinne de Bilbao, President of Microsoft France.

The The plan is divided into 2 priorities :

Raising awareness about good cybersecurity practices and discovering their professions:

  • Microsoft is launching a campaign to raise awareness about cyber security issues and the profession An educational kit called “Cybersecurity, My Future Work”. Designed for high school students, this guide, produced by Microsoft cybersecurity experts, aims to provide basic advice on how to protect oneself from attack, but also to introduce young people to various occupations in the sector while dispelling preconceived notions about these professions. The kit can be used by teachers in the classroom or by cybersecurity professionals in forums, orientations and job fairs for high school and students. The kit includes a participant’s guide as well as a speaker’s guide to facilitate the animation of the various awareness sequences. It has been made publicly available under the Creative Commons license on Github at the following address: The first successful test with high school students in the city of Issy-les-Moulineaux took place last April.

Jérôme Notin, CEO of Cybermalveillance.gouv.frIndicates about this educational kit:
We encourage this approach to introduce young people to cyber security careers. : Let’s inspire new talents of today. A

Train cyber security professionals:

  • Train future professionals : Since 2018, Microsoft has established several partnerships with engineering schools and higher education. Specifically, we offer a MOOC “Protective Cyber ​​Security in Microsoft Environment” for students at ECE Paris, EPITA, EPITECH and EFREI Paris. From the beginning of the 2022 academic year, the training will be offered to students of Ecole 2600 and Guardia Cybersecurity School as well as students of BTS SIO (Computer Services to Organizations). So far, 220 students have taken this 3-week course as part of their course each year. With this expanded system, they will now only have 1,000 in the upcoming school year.
  • Train current professionals : Being an expert in cyber security is not enough, you must stay in your career as attack and defense technology is constantly evolving. We need to go further in training professionals.
    • Activities Enterprise Skill Initiative (ESI) Microsoft offers a full range of targeted and training methods for customers and partners (Microsoft Learn’s autonomous online modules, courses with trainers, labs, OpenHacks, cloud games, certification preparation). It allows you to continually learn and verify your professional skills in the cloud or hybrids by obtaining Microsoft certification on security, identity management and digital compliance for all environments from workstations to private data centers.
    • The Cyber ​​Security Institute, With our partner Avanade, is aimed at professionals willing to improve their skills. Since July 2021, the first Certifying Training Bicycle, delivered in English and full-time, has been overseen by Avanade and Microsoft’s cybersecurity experts, and is designed for their new employees. This 2-month program includes theoretical modules and practical work modules. Designed for infrastructure or profiles experienced in the cloud, the Cybersecurity Institute aims to train professionals willing to hone their skills and quickly become effective in cybersecurity issues on Avanade teams.
  • Train job seekers : With an opening Ecole Cyber ​​Microsoft Simplification whose ambition is to train 100 job seekers from the first year.. Developed in partnership with, this new cybersecurity training offer offers training for all job seekers without a diploma or previous field experience. Simplified Microsoft Cyber ​​School revolves around two complementary programs:
    • A 8 weeks pre-qualification period To join a Microsoft Cyber ​​School in Simplon, learn the basics – such as risk identification, rights management, content list, and more. – and a Microsoft SC900 security certificate at the end of the course. The first pre-qualification airlock will start in June 2022 and will accommodate about twenty students.
    • The School courses that extend more than 3 months of intensive training, And 15 months of work-study for training as a cloud and hybrid security operator. The course will be launched in September 2022 with the first promotion of about twenty students sponsored by the independent French leader Advance in Cyber ​​Security. This training will provide an existing RNCP Level 6 professional qualification, equivalent to Bac + 2/3, as a protected infrastructure administrator.

Frederick Bardew, President and Co-Founder of

“It’s time to dump her and move on. It remains a clich that hides the various occupational and qualification levels required in the world of cyber security.

With Simplon’s Microsoft Cyber ​​School, we strive to reproduce what we’ve done on artificial intelligence: open up these professions to more diverse, more feminine and more inclusive profiles. Our whole lives are now available in the cloud, so we must train these professionals dedicated to protecting our data, our economy and these important infrastructures to protect our country. A

David Buhan, Managing Director of Advance:

We are delighted to be associated with the creation of the Microsoft Cyber ​​School by Advens Simplify and to be the sponsor of the 1st Cloud and Hybrid Security Operator Promotion.

This innovative program aims to address the under-represented audience in our sector in response to deficits in the sector. This approach is completely consistent with our desire to further include cyber. Inclusion is undoubtedly a lever to strengthen the ranks of the cyber sector and make a positive impact on our society.

By connecting a world leader in technology, a leader in training and active teaching, and a leader in genuine player in cyber security, we are helping to train the best cyber-defenders of tomorrow. And we want to bring our entire ecosystem to support and sustainably integrate these new students into the cyber sector! A

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