SAT inaugurates work on its Virtual Gallery Satellite

From today, discover from the comfort of your living room, the Society for Arts and Technology (SAT), five XR web works created by artists from around the world at the Satellite’s Virtual Gallery, a metaverse that lets you be. There from afar.

A metaverse is a virtual space and, in 2020, in response to the health crisis situation, the SAT has developed its own. This 3D environment called Satellite is accessible from a web browser on any device, be it phone, tablet, computer or even a virtual reality (VR) headset.

Over the past six months, this transdisciplinary platform has been the field of exploration and collaboration between five groups of artists based in Montreal, Germany or the United States. SAT’s new XR Art Residency program has allowed them to push the boundaries of Metaverse through their innovative artistic offerings.

Using the arrows on the keyboard, the virtual space needs to be moved to several rooms, but also physically on the SAT, to view five tasks.

As a grand premiere, May 31, from 5 to 6 p.m., will be a hybrid event featuring two performances. Show live Music and theater, which will be presented simultaneously on the Espace SAT and Virtual Satellite platforms. Collective and multilevel immersion prototypes developed by SAT will be on display and accessible to the public from May 31 to June 4.

Five people work at home

PresenceBy Canadian artist Antoine Francois-Saint-Maur

This live experiment blends different disciplines of performing arts: dance, music, circus and theater. Holographic actors will meet their virtual audience, which will also be present through their own webcam. Presence The meaning of what we perceive provides a dramatic reflection on the meaning of our position in the world and our existence. The play, presented at Metaverse, is a creative laboratory and the first world.

Mutual penetration of physical and virtual body, By Russian artists Daria and Vadim Smakhtina

This hybrid installation is an artistic investigation into emerging forms of virtual and physical communication invented through Mozilla’s custom hub platform. It is an interactive environment for two users who only intend to communicate with their body language. The first user uses a virtual reality headset and is represented by an avatar. The avatar is located in a space, which is completely controlled by the second user. Using their body language, the second user changes the look of the cell, which thus acts as a tool for spatial communication, replacing spoken language with non-orthogonal shaped language.

Cassandra RoomBy German artist Anke Schmann

This future fantasy universe is a spatial metaphor for human existence. The Web-VR interaction space consists of a series of rooms, depicting each person’s life moments, such as birth, religion, human or animal suffering, and death. Interactive objects help to navigate the labyrinths of the room and guide the visitor in his observations. Much like Cassandra in Greek mythology, who was cursed with the gift of choice without ever believing, it is equally impossible for us to respond to our doomsday predictions in the anthropological / techno / economic scene. CassandraA dark reflection on the human condition and its future.

AscoteriumFrom the combined Red Spills

This work is a hybrid performance where artists perform on a set of three musical instruments and digital instruments (known as DMI), thus sending OSC data remotely to a HUBS session equipped with a VR synthesizer. The term “Oscutarium” is a neologism that combines the auditorium and the initials OSC (Open Sound Control), a network protocol for word transmission.

On this landBy American-Spanish artist Patricia Icheveria Liras

As villages disappear from the physical world, virtual real estate speculation becomes commonplace. Real estate prices skyrocket. What will happen to these marginalized villages and communities, which are simultaneously virtual and now physically deprived of their access? In an attempt to save, On this land Those places, those cultures, those stories that are disappearing from the real world, want to digitize as a result of modernization, colonialism and environmental threats. For the future, there is a cultural sanctuary being built, a sanctuary that brings fragile cultural heritage, marginalized communities, oral traditions and rituals into metavars.

Activities for the 25th Anniversary of the SAT

Moreover, its 25 to celebratee On the anniversary, the SAT will conduct various activities on its four floors during the five days of the festival from May 31 to June 4.

We will be able to experience immersion and participate Teams In its famous dome, but also in exhibitions, installations, workshops and conferences. The Electronic Music Workshop on June 4, led by the Campus SAT team, as well as activities including drawing and programming will be offered.

True to its festival fame, SAT 3 and 4 June will offer concert and DJ performances, including Christian Laughler and Lee Burridge, as well as barbecue on the rooftop of the kitchen throughout the festival.

The dome of the SAT

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