A school of all possibilities will be opened in Agen

At the beginning of the next school year, a private school, “Les Comètes”, will be opened in Agen, which is inclusive, providing lessons according to the Montessori, Frenet and Steiner-Waldorf methods, promoting development, autonomy and responsibility. He is giving a lecture to the students on Saturday.

The school “Les Comets” takes place on a rented premises from the Aegean municipality, in the archipelago of the archipelago. Do not open a school, even the private ones, who want: A file has been created by the association with a lot of guarantees that the school will run. It was presided over by Karim Tahrawi, a “national education teacher and sensitive to the causes of autism”.

All members of the association, at some point in their lives, have observed that so-called “classical” schools do not provide the same benefits to all. It happens that children stay on the road, when they have certain abilities, when they suffer in particular, less severe, for example, autism, but also dyslexia which can hinder the child’s learning. And with constant failure it can be left out

“Disappointed” with teaching methods in “normal” schools

The association therefore has a number of national education teachers who wanted to take a different path. “We’re not going to do what others are unable to do. We don’t have this tendency. We come up with current offers, especially those offered by associations like Planet Autism or even Tom Infant Fire. Of course, we’ve communicated. Received “Comment Jean-Pierre Gavignon, former teacher and head of college and high school foundations, and Franোয়াois Courtenay, university teacher for disability research.

“We wanted to offer an alternative to the traditional course. Many of us have students with disabilities in our careers. And we couldn’t do what we wanted to do to provide them with the best possible support. Decorate their classrooms accordingly. Their disposal tables, chairs, carpets … “

Above all, the specialty of the child

Montessori pedagogy, for example, is based on the observation of children, with all their differences. The adult puts himself at the level of the child in a way and adapts the lessons accordingly. So it is not a matter of the child adapting to the teacher but the opposite.

“We had official approval from the rector to open April 28 for the next school year,” Jean-Pierre Govignon and Franোois Courtine assured. Who says private schools have to pay fees. For the Comètes, the amount for the ten months of the school year will be 400 euros per month, plus 300 euros per entry fee, 150 euros per year for the administration fee, 80 euros per month for the canteen, 75 euros per month for childcare. The school starts with the first kindergarten class and for the moment, goes up to CM2.

This represents a significant budget. The school is not yet under contract with National Education – although it will receive an inspection from a sector inspector each year. “We have a lot of costs and we pay our teachers ourselves. But the social component, we really care about that. That’s why we’re contacting a number of institutional and private partners who can help reduce these costs through their financial support.” “

Presentation Conference

This Saturday, June 4, at 7:30 pm in Agen’s stadium, the school association “Les Comètes” is offering an open evening meeting for all to better present their project. Professor Christian Alin, author of “School Autism” will give a conference. Next, all interested parents can make an appointment with the teaching team to discuss their child’s situation before choosing whether to enroll their child. The school’s godfather, Girondins de Bordeaux and former professional footballer with the Arsenal club, Maruan Chamakh will also be present this Saturday.

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