Applied Artificial Intelligence Innovation Challenge

Credit: CNES

The context of the challenge

Here’s how challenge “Artificial intelligence applied to space transport” From CNES and for whom!
This process facilitates CNES funding access to develop an innovative solution applicable to future space projects, the key to the potential continuity of CNES support in an R&T framework.
The Challenge Session will be held on 12/07/2022 and will focus on this The theme of artificial intelligence has been applied to space transport Between 2030-2040. For this area, a budget of ,000 700,000 was collected by CNES in 2022/2023.
This challenge comes along with other calls for ideas or challenges organized by CNES (R&D, reusable top level, advanced concept).

What is a launch system?

The launch system consists of the launcher and its launch base, which includes the following subsystems:

  • Launch Base: Ground Installation Control / Command and Launcher Implementation with Satellite Integration Building, Launcher Assembly Building, Launch Pad, Launch Center
  • Launcher, it consists of the following components:

o Propulsion phase provides the required speed increase for each mission.
o Carriage of equipment containing electrical components required for sequencing and activating various functions of launcher and / or its stages.
o Fairing, encapsulating payloads and protecting from aerothermal flow during atmospheric flight periods.

Challenge Policy

  • Any company (SME, start up, research laboratory, school / university, industrial group, etc.), Having an innovative project based on its products or services to offer on the theme of artificial intelligence applied in space transport, Can apply between 05/25/2022 and 06/13/2022.
  • The candidate must visualize, develop and submit a project through an online application file related to his skills and the themes proposed by CNES.
  • After a detailed project assessment by CNES, About ten projects will be pre-selected. Holders of these projects will be invited to attend Present during a pitch day organized by CNES Space Transport Department on 07/12/2022, In front of an awards committee consisting of CNES members and partners and a panel of guests (CNES industry and institutional partners, investors, media).
  • Projects selected by the Allocation Committee a CNES funding As part of ‘An agreement signed at the end of the session on the same day.
  • The final allocation for selected projects will be determined by the allocation committee according to the evaluation of the projects and consequently the final ranking: the share price of the CNES fund will go up. Up to € 50,000 or even € 100,000 for the most promising project.
  • At the end of the activities performed by selected projects within the framework of this challenge, the most promising technology / ideas may be the subject. Complementary maturity activities As part of CNES’s innovation plan.

Challenge theme

The challenge is part of the theme of preparation for the future of space transport, which is divided into 9 vectors:

Credit: CNES

This is the theme for the challenge Artificial intelligence has been applied to space transport Between 2030-2040 decade.
Behind the term artificial intelligence, we combine the two:

1. What falls under automation: The activities of this department can call robots but only assign tasks to them,

2. The functions that we want to automate through the introduction of AI, which means that the concept of learning the life of these functions by algorithm will be especially needed if we want to make the decision by it in the end.

The scope of activity is as follows:

  • Turn on system development
  • Manufacturing
  • Implementation of launcher and ground installation
  • Flight
  • Aircraft management

Want to apply?

Before answering, consult the call for project notes.

  • Fill out the application file and apply from 25/05 to 13/06/2022.
  • Application file
  • Pre-selection of your file on 01/07/2022
  • Pitch DAY 07/12/2022 An awards ceremony held in a hybrid format and after the award committee rankings during the pitch.
Need additional information?

CNES point of contact: pascal.noir [at]; bruno.old [at] and eric.merle [at]

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