Event of the day Chateau d’Alegre: Three weeks of filming for the baby king

Shooting, more than three weeks, day and night (Photo by Roxan Solari)

Between May 8 and 29, Chateau D’Algre led a mixed Anglo-Canadian-French team to shoot a film. An atro film that should be a hit in next year’s Art House cinema under the title The king is a child.

The vast central area of ​​the castle still has a bathtub, a dining room table, and a platform that must have supported a throne. Filming is set to end at the Chateau d’Algre, this Friday, May 27, three weeks after it began. “The movie is written for this castle and in a short time” can bend “Specifies the company’s French executive producer, Frank Priiot Ghost town movies. In a short time, messy work does not spread, far from it.

Co-directors, Aran Shearing (left) and Kit Redstone (photo by Francois Desmours / Objective Guard)

The film is based on the collaboration of two young directors, British Kit Redstone – who wrote the original play and directed the cast, and Aran Shearing, a Canadian who is primarily interested in staging. In front of the camera are two English actors from the author’s theater troupe, Graham Dixon and Neil Chinek. ” Most of the team comes from Vancouver. “As Pascal Salafa explains, the first French assistant director, the city in western Canada, serves and lives as the backbone of Hollywood. ” A powerful cinematographic activity..

The French team was penned on himPascal Salafa continued. I planned to work as the 1st Assistant Director. The association has set up decorations to preserve the fortress of Algar. Without them we could not have made the picture. However, it is impossible to see a team from western Canada landing on a ruined castle in the south of France. The most unknown …

The prospect of life, Encounter and beloved, actress Sophie Duiz carries a great responsibility. He owns that one house For 30 years জে Uzge knows Aran Shearing From five years. The idea came from a small ruined church in my village, which Aran sawFrench actress rewinds. In October 2020, Aran sent me an email with the subject: An idea transcends my mind. He made a script with Kit and thought about this church. It was based on the idea that the film would be shot in Gard. A

“I had a full flash.”

The ruins of a church একটু a little short for a full movie. ” I looked at the other sets, asked the people in my village. But the snake does not come out. ” I finally looked around on Google Earth. I was looking for rocks surrounded by trees“I remember Sophie Duiz. Then she fell into the ruins of Alegre’s castle and went there.” I am sensitive to the place. I had a total flash. I quickly texted Arran, when it got dark at home, and then trembled at the thought of whether we would be able to shoot here. That’s how I met Bernard. A

Actress Sophie Dowez, executive producer of King Baby, with Bernard Matthews of the Association for the Safeguarding of the Chateau D’Alegar (Photo by Franোয়াois Desmeuers / Objective Guard)

Bernard Matthew is the happy president of the association for the preservation of Bernard Matthew, Chatto D’Algar. And his response to the project statement ultimately confirmed the legitimacy of the artists’ insights. ” When I feared that the association would have a claim, Bernard immediately asked us: “What can we do for you?“, Sophie Duez continued. Aran and Rose (Daughter of Sophie Dewes, film script, ed) The place came to scout. A

A cool and snowy spot, far from the condition, of course windy but very sunny, the last three weeks. But the director falls in love. ” With a decor like that, it becomes very organic. Yesterday (Thursday, editor’s note), It was the last shot shot with the set. We applaud the palace. It’s something that has co-opted these forces, with people who have never met in their lives“, Notes Sophie Duiz.

The source of the “Troop Spirit” that dominates the shoot is also in collaboration with the directors. Because the idea of ​​”going through Aran’s head” is no longer enough. ” They both went back to writing And wrote the scenario from the pictures of the place, which guided the story“Remembering the French actress. Captivity, which is particularly long in Canada, delays the project but gives time to refine the copy.

Meanwhile, Sophie Duiz wants to complete the production. ” That’s when I came across Frank Priiot, who worked for ten years French movies And taking charge of foreign shoots. In the meantime he formed the company Chest City Cinema, Located in Toulouse and has offices in Paris and Beijing, thanks to its partner Shu Ye. ” He liked the script. And begins an adventure like the dream proposed by the authors.

Extensive reading of this beautiful story

In the ruins lived a king and his servants. ” It’s a film about masculinity, about power relationships where everyone plays a role. King Child Child King, spoiled, playful. Set in a dystopian state, it’s a dark and funny story. A

It is a militant manifesto on democracyPascal Salafa says, And submitted, dreamily illustrated. Between these two heroes a queen appears with an uncertain fate. ” This is not a mainstream film“Continued Pascal Salafa.” I’m against putting it in a box before the story of a movie begins“, nuance Sophie Duez.

Actor Graham Dixon during a rehearsal of a scene (Photo by Franোয়াois Desmeurs / Objective Guard)

The commercial life of the film will begin as soon as post-production and editing is completed in Canada. ” The goal of this type of arthouse film is to select one of the four major festivals – Locarneu, Cannes, Venice, Berlin – and to attract buyers.“The work is intended for visitors to Western Europe, North America, Japan or South Korea,” explains Frank Priiot.

The career of such a film is inseparable from the name of the director. We decided very quickly to be a co-producer and to ensure executive production. The script was very strong, the idea was good and the two directors gave something tempting. They are talented and intelligent“Break Frank Priiot to pieces. For a success, even an honor.” King Baby Kit Redstone and Aaron Shearing will also benefit from a project they want to complete in Los Angeles.

For Alger’s castle, its life will continue Through photo. The picture is now part of the history of that placeSophie Dowes laughs. That’s part of the story: maybe this summer, sooner or later, the French actress will come to do two readings in the middle of the rocks of Alger’s castle. History to maintain a link, friendly and organic, with this glorious site.

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