Fake sick children and identity theft: Incredible jersey scandal in French football

The scene is moving. Filmed in front of the camera, a child, with a hat on his head, describes his fight against leukemia. Beside him, the Bourg-en-Bresse Péronnas team (National) has a pennant which he says he is a big supporter of. Jules *, the child introduces himself, wants to get the jersey of one of his favorite players, midfielder Maxim Blanc. “We were touched and we accepted his request,” said Thomas Felix, law club’s communications manager, who retrieved the story on Wednesday and posted the video online. Publishing has everything to move social networks. After all, it will allow you to break through an unimaginable scandal.

Because quickly, other press officers from different clubs responded on Twitter to condemn the scandal. In Auxerre, Quivili-Rouen or Chambly, everyone received the same request, always featuring Jules. Scheme: An exchange via video or e-mail describing a child’s illness and a request for a jersey. Each time, the younger one is a supporter who has recently been forced to resign. “We, he explained to us that he came from Beaumont-sur-Ois, the cowardly, frustrated, Maxim Mallowry, the community manager of the Ois club. We discussed the possibility of him coming to start the home game against Laval. Annesie II, for the Nationals, made an offer to the family to take off their striker Alexei Bosetti’s jersey at the stadium one evening after the match, an offer that went unanswered.

Chambly and Borg-en-Brace leukemia, Quivili-Rouen heart surgery

If in her message to Chambly the child claims to have survived with leukemia, the same Jules must be admitted to the hospital for heart surgery in the order sent to Quivilli-Rouen. Like Bourg-en-Bresse, Auxerre’s striker was moved over Gaëtan Charbonnier’s tunic. Cretail (National) hosted a video conference with his goalkeeper Riffy Mandanda, who then sent off his gloves. The gift of assembling at an address in the city of La Garde. But not directly with this procession or in exchange for those who have presented themselves as his parents. But in Lionel and Stephanie, this lie is unknowingly involved.

On Wednesday evening, Thomas Felix shared a screenshot of the e-mail exchange with Jules’ family on Twitter. The email comes from an email address with the mother’s name and last name. His postal address can also be seen in the text. But if the parcels come to his house, he doesn’t write the messages “We are victims of identity theft,” Lionel explained in Parisian-France, France.

“She is not sick, she has pain in her ankle.”

Earlier in the year, her former neighbor Laurent asked her if she could deliver a few parcels to her home. “I know he’s a collector of soccer shirts. I accepted without a second thought,” said Lionel. Opening the package, we realized it wasn’t for him. Inside, there was a Versailles club shirt with a message: You have the strength, the ability to fight disease. I find it strange, because Laurent’s son is not sick, he only has pain in his ankle. A

Lionel called his former neighbor on Thursday morning. The latter promised to return the shirts to the injured clubs, along with photos of the overcoats packaged in support. Auxerre and Bourg-en-Bresse Péronnas have confirmed this version to the Parisians. “To do that he created an email address in my wife’s name … I told her it was too serious and it wouldn’t stop there,” Lionel continued. The couple filed an identity theft complaint at La Farled Gendarmerie in the afternoon. Requested via email and telephone, Laurent did not immediately respond to a request for Parisian-Today in France.

* First name changed

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