Family record books, loans, winter break… everything changed here on June 1st

  • 1 Modernization of the family booklet

  • From June 1, the family booklet will change. These changes include the Medical Assisted Procurement (PMA), a new rule on the record of civic status and information on civic status and family law, concerns, name choices, adoption, identification of stillbirths and death certificates. An adult child.
    Again ArtAccording to the decree dated May 3, 2022, “the birth certificate of a child establishes filial piety about the woman giving birth by her sole rank. In the case of the other woman, fililation is established through the expected joint recognition before the notary and with the consent given for reproduction in medical aid.
    About Name changeThis will be simplified when the choice relates to a name as a result of filtration.

    Adoption PACS makes it possible for couples or cohabitants to live together for more than one year and for married couples over 26 years of age and only over two years of age and over 28 years of age. Until now, unmarried couples have had to resort to adoption by one parent.

    “Will there be a child adoption facility soon? “: Our file

    Finally, parents can announce if they wish First and last name of dead baby (Which may be announced earlier, but without a name). It will also be possible to register the death certificate of an adult child.

    It should be noted that town halls will be able to sell stock of their old family booklet models before using the new ones.

  • 2 Easy home loan for ex-patients

  • (Illustrated photo by François Destoc / Le Télégramme)

    For “fair, easy and more transparent access to the borrower’s insurance market”, the French administration indicates, the law will simplify the borrowing conditions for real estate acquisitions, from 1 June. For former cancer and hepatitis C patients. Five years after the end of their therapeutic protocol (active treatment phase) and in the absence of re-infection, they no longer have to declare their illness history to their insurer (this right to forget was up to ten years, and already five years before the age of 21 discovered cancer). For).

    In addition, for loans of less than € 200,000 (€ 400,000 for a couple) and for which the loan repayment period is before the borrower reaches 60 years of age, the borrower’s insurance health questions are removed and no test treatment can be requested by the insurer.

  • 3 Termination of borrower insurance at any time

  • From June 1, you can now cancel your borrower’s insurance anytime for a new loan. For contracts already in progress, wait until September 1st
    As a reminder, until now, within 12 months of signing the loan offer, then every year, it was possible to conclude on the anniversary date of signing the loan offer.

  • Display PER and life insurance management fees

  • PHOTO FRANCOIS DESTOC / LE TELEGRAMME LORIENT (56) Computer Young Adolescent Website
    (Illustrated photo by François Destoc / Le Télégramme)

    Any Retirement Savings Plan (PER) or life insurance producer must have online on their website from June 1, a standard table grouping costs by category. There will be information by the same department to easily compare entry fees, annual fees (depending on the type of funding and management, etc.) and one-off fees (arbitration, departure, transfer to another contract, etc.).

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  • 5 Winter break is over

  • The winter vacation, which was supposed to end on April 1, has been extended by two more months. So it ends June 1st. According to the Abbey Pierre Foundation, 30,000 families could be evicted.

    Don’t forget the key in June

  • 1 restaurant voucher: € 38 last month

  • PHOTO FRANCOIS DESTOC / LE TELEGRAMME LORIENT (56): Restaurant Catering Beef Square Fry Dish Plate
    (Illustrated photo by François Destoc / Le Télégramme)

    During the health crisis, restaurant ticket ceilings doubled to 38 euros, a maximum that was raised until the end of February last year. It will go down to € 19 from July 1st. So you only have one month left to use up to € 38 including weekends.

  • 2 Declaration of income until June 8 for those mortals

  • Morbihannais until Wednesday, June 8 (included) to announce their income online, such as all residents of departments 50 to 95, as well as residents of Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique, Mayotte and The Meeting.
    Residents of Finistère, Côtes-d’Armor and Ille-et-Vilaine had to make their announcements online before May 31.

  • 12 and 19 June 3 Assembly elections

  • Photo Lionel Le Sox / Telegram.  MORLAIX (29): Second round of presidential election at a Morlaix polling station, Jean Piaget School.
    (Illustrated photo by Lionel Le Sox / Le Telegram)

    The first round of legislative elections will be held on June 12 and the second round on June 19 in mainland France.
    The first round will be held on June 4 and the second round on June 18.
    The first round will be held on June 5 and the second round on June 19 for the French constituencies living abroad, except those located in the Americas.
    For residents of Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique, Saint-Barthelemy, Saint-Martin and Saint-Pierre-et-Michelin, the second round will be held on June 11 and the second round on June 18.

    Legislature 2022

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