“He lost me in my smile and my Joy de Vivar.”

INTERVIEWER – A 40-year-old real estate agent living in Hierarchy, Varanasi, has ended his marriage to the mother of the young Lena through a mutual agreement. After a committed meeting in Gibraltar, the couple quickly became weakened by misunderstandings and conflicts.

An avid viewer of “Married at First Sight” on M6, Frederick took part in the sixth season, hoping to rebuild his life and start a long-lasting love story. The father of a 14-year-old daughter, Verrois met and married Emily, a young mother of Lena, a 36-year-old real estate negotiator living near Paris and a young Lena born in early 2021. A story that started well under the sun in Gibraltar, but unfortunately ended after a cloudy honeymoon in Prague and a stormy return to France. “Emily was not in the best position to deal with this adventureHe told us. He was on the edge, emotional, excessive and sometimes even irrational. He focuses on himself, he wants to draw attention with the impression of carrying the burden of the world on his shoulders. He spends time complaining, nothing goes right … ” And wish him well “Find someone who meets your expectations”.

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Le Figaro. – How was your romantic past before moving on to the “married at first sight” experience, why did you stay away from your daughter?
Frederick. –
My long and beautiful relationship merged with the period when I needed to find myself. I was with my daughter’s mother for five years and we separated when Amber was only one year old. Previously, I lived next door to the Dravil Institute where he lived, and until his age of 11 I could see him three times a week (suffering from a neurological disorder called Amber West Syndrome, editor’s note). Unfortunately, her mother moved to Switzerland without consulting me and I have been in this situation for four years. I visit Amber once a month …

What was your first impression of discovering Emily and her baby in Gibraltar?
I immediately noticed her very beautiful look, she was very beautiful in her wedding dress. I found him very polite in the way he spoke to me. As she discovered little Lena’s mother and her story I told myself she was going to understand my situation with my own daughter. We quickly identified our common points in the first moments and our reunion was normal.

Everything was fine between you until this last honeymoon evening in Prague, how could a simple joke be the starting point for a big argument?
I don’t know … everything was done to make sure it went well and that our love story survived perfectly. We were married but we didn’t know each other, we were in the process of discovering each other’s character. In this experience, I knew that I could meet a sincere woman but I could also meet a woman who just wanted to make a buzz about coming back later. So I was skeptical and observant. With my daughter, I am accustomed to decoding non-verbal language and have a good idea of ​​human behavior. With Emily, I had my doubts and I talked to her off camera. When I told her my joke, she turned her suspicions against me to see if I was joking. It blocked me. When he realizes that I did not accept his comments, he gets angry and wants to stop everything. I went out for an hour and a half with my shoes on.

“The film crew broke down in tears when they heard us.”

Frederick from “Married at First Sight”

The next day, after your breakfast discussion, things seem to have calmed down …

We talked for two hours, we were so much more confident with each other and we were in our bubble that we weren’t even aware of the presence of cameras around us. The crew of the film broke down in tears after listening to us. I wanted us to move forward together and I apologized to him.

Once in France, how did you feel the distance, Emily in Paris and you in the south?
It was no problem, I was about a long distance before. The important thing was to keep our communication to a minimum by saying hello every morning and telling each other about our day in the evening. It is true that not hearing from his wife even for a day bothers me. Even before meeting me, Emily had planned to settle in the south of France, so we were likely to move closer. It was looming.

Do you have any memories of the few days you spent with Emily in Paris?
He welcomed me very well and integrated me into this trinity life with Lina. I discovered her daily life as a young mother and I shared my own experience with her as a parent. Emily is a very protective mother with her daughter who was 7-8 months old at the time, she wanted to go to her house regularly when she was crying and I advised her not to interfere every time so as not to create bad habits. . I was there with Amber and I advised Emily to let go occasionally. Every night, I was by her side and involved in caring for Lina. And I like it.

Unfortunately, once you get home, you will start a new argument …
One evening, I was waiting to hear from him because he was coming home late and I was worried. When he called her, she answered me in the voice of someone who was asleep, and she told me that she was not responsible to anyone. And if there’s one thing I hate, it’s hanging over me, I interpret it as a refusal to communicate.

“Having a strong character does not support language differences”

Frederick from “Married at First Sight”

Did you expect that your appointment with Estelle Dossin would solve your relationship problems?

No, because Emily publicly disrespected me and broke something inside me. The sound was off. Having a strong character does not support language differences. We were supposed to shoot on Friday but little Lina had to go to the emergency room the day before. I immediately flew in to join them and kindly informed the production that considering the situation we chose to cancel the shooting day. Playing my exchange voice notes with Emily, she started telling me that I was playing lamb, I am not a human being and I had no ball because she thought my production lacked perseverance. Because he, during the day, approached the film crew to ask the same thing but with more aggression.

What was a return point?
All these repeated outbursts of anger are the real fireworks. He then told me several times that Lina was not my daughter and so I had nothing to say to her. This is the exact opposite of what Prague told me and it was unacceptable to hear. Eventually, he got his mother on the phone and told her in front of me that I was not a man, that I had no ball, that I was a manipulator, that I was playing with the production lamb… Emily’s family was exceptional, I loved them all, they were golden people. . It was unacceptable for her mother to hear such things about me. I left with my belongings.

You met in Hayres to announce your mutual desire to divorce …
We haven’t talked to each other in over a week. I thought our wedding day in Gibraltar, I still had that small hope that would start from scratch. But I quickly realized that he was not there to fix things. He wanted to leave with dignity. When I talked to her about her lack of respect, about these comments made in front of me and with her mother, she replied: “But are you talking about Fred? Why are you lying? “. From there, I got up, told the production that it was no longer possible, took off my wedding ring, put it on the table, and left when he asked me. Insulted again. He told me in front of the camera that I was hit hard and I should be ashamed … I was upset. Emilie let me lose my smile and my joie de vivre.

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