“I want to work with the kids” … Versailles Academy is a great success in work dating

This Tuesday, Alfred-Castler High School (Val-D’Oise) in Pontius has become a recruiting agency. Because the Versailles Academy organizes its first job dating for contract teacher recruitment, but also AESH (with students with disabilities), national education psychologists, nurses and school doctors.

A major operation since it expanded in 4 days * and aims to recruit 2,000 contract workers for September. It must be said that the next school year promises to be exciting, as this year’s teacher competitions are far from over, especially for math, German, alphabet or school teacher positions. A particularly bright national issue at certain academies. Like Versailles, where we counted as an example this year 484 school teachers qualified for 1,430 positions.

“They want to change jobs and pursue a career that makes sense.”

In front of the school, candidates, with CVs in their hands and pressure on their shoulders, are waiting to pass an interview with one of the 28 judges present. There were people in the queue who did not have an appointment and they came to know about their career in education. An uninterrupted flow that makes Benoit Versailles, the secretary general of the Versailles Academy, laugh: “It’s a real success: 1,600 people have registered for an interview in 4 days, and we are counting on about 2,000 visitors during the job. Dating applicants with a very diverse profile know:” 45% hold a Bac + 5 level diploma, 25% re-train ৷ but at the end of their course there are students, job seekers, “said Galen Mocket-Bertin, Academic Director of the National Education Services at Val-Dowis.

The job interview lasts 30 minutes and is conducted by the national education inspector, education advisor, management staff or human resources members of the ministry. Among them, Andre Lacost, the management staff, continues interviews: “We meet people for whom the Covid-19 crisis has been a catalyst: they want to change jobs and pursue a profession that makes sense. This morning, a young woman who worked in auditing told me that making a lot of money is not everything, she wanted to do something else, “she said.

“I want to be a school teacher”

Ludovic, 38, wants to change course: “I’ve worked as a sales executive in the defense sector. I want to get out of business to gain knowledge, ”explained the man who applied for a job as a SES teacher in high school. A position for which he can expect to receive a total salary of around 2,300 euros, far from what he has received in the private sector. “But I will achieve the quality of life, get more time for my family,” he smiled before turning his heels. Mary, 28, is training again: “I am a journalist. And I have wanted to work with children for a long time. I like to learn and pass on. I want to be a school teacher, first by holding a contract position, then by competing. “

In the next room, 51-year-old Jamila took a jury leave. He looked confident and left: “My interview went well. They asked me questions about my background, my teaching methods. They were kind and I think my thirteen years of experience as a French trainer for foreigners made them interested. Because I just want to teach allophone in a clean (initiation class for non-French speakers). A

“I will work on my course all summer”

If the interview element is serious, the form seems loose. You may even hear a few bursts of laughter. Alexis, 22, has a big smile. “I explained my approach to the jury: I have just finished a degree in modern alphabet and I want to be a school teacher for one year, to be sure and convinced that this job is right for me. Then, I will go back to my studies and I will take the exam. I believe I persuaded the jury because it offered me a lot of scenes, “he said. An incentive that contrasts with the conventional discourse on the crisis of scholarships and lack of professional attraction in national education: “We see through interviews that candidates are not there by default. They have a real hunger for education, “said Benoit Vershev.

Even then they have to be patient now. “No one will have an answer today. We will take the time to study their files and call back candidates applying for secondary education for an interview with one of their discipline inspectors, ”explained Andre Lacost. And if they are caught, they will have a lot on their plate. Because if the academy plans to welcome them from the end of August and train them for a week, they also have to prepare their first lesson. “I know for a fact that the training we are given will not be enough. I would like to prepare myself using the resources of the EduScall site, read a lot and talk to the teacher as much as possible, “said Mary. “I will work on my course all summer. It doesn’t scare me, “Ludovic said. To accommodate those who will travel deeper, the academy plans to teach them throughout the year. “We want them to feel supported and to be in national education,” said Gaillen Mocket-Bertin.

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