In the picture, in the picture Pontive: Among the tea house, veranda and area services, the court is changing 7

The Britannia Territory, owner of Pontive Court, presented its Center-Britannia Territorial Space project to local elected officials this Wednesday, June 1, 2022. Pontivy Journal

Always call him The court ! Not jealous, not angry, he names her 19th century building Which is located in the city center Pontive (Morbihan), Near Blavet. It bears its name (and is enriched with a capital T and a logo) but changes its course: the tribunal will Central Britannia’s new regional location in the Brittany regionOwner from September 2020.

Downstairs is a tea house with terrace

In Court roomThis Wednesday, June 1, 2022, a project for the local elected officials was transformed into a presentation room, explained Loig Chesnais-Girard, President of the British Territory: So we named it, Tribunal de Pontiv.

After the work, the tribunal de Pontive’s view, according to the firmly named architects, with a view of Ru Carnot. Pontive Journal

The building will be located in one of the two regional locations in the center of the region – Breton; The second is in Carhaix (Finistere), in the castle of Carampoil (which faces the Villis Charus festival for regulars). The two branches in the Central Breton area will be under the direction of Olivia Queiro, with 12 at Pontive and 15 at Carhaix.

Territorial service Which will be located 1st floor du Tribunal: reception, office, open space, meeting room.

Is Downstairs What happens? Surprise This rehabilitation project:

We want to make it an attractive place for residents of Central Brittany, we want to give this place back to Pontivians and others. In the courtroom, there will be a tea house ছোট a small snack-like space, with an outdoor terrace (next to the West Gable, next to Ru Carnot). We are going to hand over its activities to a project leader, we are starting the call for application in September 2022, for the election of the winner in March 2023. We are giving ourselves 6 months time.

Olivia Cuero, Regional Director of the Center-Bretagan in the Britannia region

Drink on the court, jokes will flow … east of the court, A large meeting room, “open to all local stakeholdersWe know Pontiv has a need and we are fulfilling the offer, “said Olivier Querro.

The current court garden can be seen from Pontiv Court. Pontive Journal

Side Garden, The park will become a public park and will be redesigned: additional paths with flower, plant benches in the middle of the existing lawn, “which will be moved according to the exhibit placed,” added Vincent Le Garek of Nomad Architects, controlling the work reserved for the firm. They are students Gross-Chen High School in Pontiv Who will develop part of the garden.

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He is persistent and interested Front “The direction remains the same. Will be there Two PMR access ramps (Persons with reduced mobility) which will be installed on each side and which will be integrated into the landscape. A

From the perspective of the Pontive Court after the work, according to the firm Nomade Architects, with the scene of rue de Rivoli. Pontive Journal
Vincent Le Garek, a representative of the nominated architects in charge of project management, and Olivier Querro, director of the regional area at the Britannia Center-Bretagon, during the presentation this Wednesday, June 1, 2022. ভি © Pontive Journal

Molding, wood flooring, courtroom benches: everything is laid out and reused

Nothing is lost, everything is transformed for the Britannia region. The word guard is Reuse : Reuse Furniture (Even on a court bench), from Wooden floor, All. And even moldings Guarded!

Everything will be recycled, we have made a diagnosis of all the materials in the building, furniture etc. Work will thus begin in September 2022, with students at Blavet Trades High School in Pontive, who will open the reuse of materials training.

Olivia Cuero, Regional Director of the Center-Bretagan in the Britannia region

A court in Pontive has its own juices: “We also keep large spaces, they can adapt more easily to moving furniture,” noted Vincent Le Garek, a renowned architect.

With this beautiful library of law books, a court on the 1st floor is in its own right. Pontive Journal
A court in its own juice with a very healthy wooden floor on the 1st floor. Pontive Journal
A court in its own right with this large office overlooking the 1st floor flat. Pontive Journal

A tribunal is really in its juices 1807Finish the work in 1858 After years of breakups), Olivia Queiro and Vincent Le Garek have confirmed together:

Approximate duration in terms of building insulation. We must rebuild the building thermally, to make it an energy efficient building. With biosourced materials (wood wool) for insulation. Attic (storage space) is fortunately heated. In the basement (storage space), we have a wooden boiler room.

Olivia Queiro, Center-Bretagon Regional Director and Vincent Le Garek of Nomad Architects

A site that works 3.3 to 4.1 million

There is a cost to rehabilitating “this traditional landfill of urban fabric”, explains Olivia Queiro. Although the all-inclusive work estimate in May 2021 was 3.3 million euros, The cost of the site has been re-evaluated at the top, And not least: 4.1 million euros. “Because of the rising cost of the material,” Olivier Querro added.

The restaurant will be located on the ground floor, in the former court room. Pontive Journal
View of the huge staircase to the courthouse from the entrance. Pontive Journal
Signs of the past on the wall: The tribunal is called the tribunal, but the work changes. Pontive Journal

Next to it Calendar, Starting work with the reuse phase in September 2022; Estimated construction time 14 months For expected delivery End of 2023 – Beginning of 2024Followed by an inauguration open to the public.

And the train …
Answering the question, “When will the inhabitants of Laudek be able to Get on the train To reach this Central Brittany Territorial Space in Pontiv? Loïg Chesnais-Girard, president of the Britannia region, replied: “It’s a matter of 20 years of movement, we’ll see. In the short term, there is a bridge-go network, which will be expanded to reach regional locations together with inter-municipalities. We have ambitions in our bus network, but which have been hampered by huge price increases (oil, gas) and which already represents over 20 million euros in additional costs for the region. ”In March 2022, elected representatives of the Pontive community In between hid their desire for a passenger train. But what about a line going further north in the heart of Brittany?

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