In the Renaissance, it was now possible to exchange children’s clothing with the Beauvais concept

Martin Lee imagined Tillier Bibou. He is testing his concept at Maif Station at Renaissance Station. (Brian Le Gough / News Renaissance)

Martin Le Tillier Currently present at Maif Station at Renes Station for testing Bebo, The idea of ​​it Children’s clothing exchange.

Environmental awareness

This idea Arrival at the time of the birth of her second childLast year.

When Elliott was born, I read a draft IPCC report. “Life on Earth we know will inevitably be transformed by climate change when babies born in 2021 will be 30 years or older,” he said. I immediately thought of my son and told myself I had to act.

Martin Le TillierRenes is the father of two children and the founder of Bibu

Engineer In computer science, he then quit his job Make good use of your skills Serve a good cause. And Dad didn’t have to look far to find a 30-something The daily way of working for the planet.

Local second hand

With Two kidsThere is Martin Le Tellier The challenge of dressing them up Every day as they grow. So he thought of second hand. “It is already there, but there are no clothes Not always very good Presented or flawless. Then again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. His idea Move the second hand Thus was born.

What I wanted to recreate is that we see in some families brothers, sisters or cousins ​​who share clothes that adults can no longer wear.

Martin Le TillierRenes is the father of two children and the founder of Bibu

A reflection of Martin Le Tellier and of course after some research committed to this activity: “I have learned that on average a child wears 300 cloth His time The first three years. When we know that a The body needs 452 liters of water Sweet, that 4 million tons of textiles were dumped In Europe and every year Only 20% is recycled, The calculation is done quickly. A

One month to test the effectiveness of your project

Until the mid-thirties Guest So the maximum number, and especially the parents, came and discovered the concept and participated in it within the Maif station.

What is Maif Station?

Located in the heart of Renaissance Station, MAIF Station is a place dedicated to social and environmental commitment through the dissemination of local knowledge. The team welcomes you there to discuss and present initiatives or projects of local partners that have a positive environmental and social impact. Animations, workshops, conferences are offered every month as part of a program of free events open to all.

The policy is simple. The The parents of the children brought clothes To Martin Le Taylor and in exchange, Earn “bibs”“A virtual wallet”, which they can use to get new clothes at Bibou sooner or later.

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The idea is to have an exchange that is as fair as possible in terms of use value and not in terms of brand. In less than two weeks, 150 to 200 garments have already been exchanged.

Martin Le TillierRenes is the father of two children and the founder of Bibu

A young entrepreneur has also established A. Clothing stock Second-hand that parents can recover, leave their own clothes. “It simply came to our notice then Make life easier for parents. I have no clothes to take back No holes, no stains, etc.Martin Le Tellier explains.

After all, as he himself feels it, it sometimes happens Difficult to separate Some children’s clothing. So my father thought Highlight the history of a costume Creates special labels with one QR code Which allows everyone to discover the first life of clothing, said by parents.

Visibility in the future

A few weeks later at Maif Station – Bibu is there Until next June 16 – The 30-year-old father wants to go straight and test his ideas Local business“Where are the parents of the children to facilitate the possibility of exchanging clothes”.

In the medium term, he sees himself as good Open a first store In the corner, before Build a network at the national level Long term.

In the meantime, within two weeks he has moved to Maif Station, to be hosted by Martin Le Telia Two workshops. One, June 11, will be a concern Round economy : “It will help to understand the problems and learn how to use it better to have a positive environmental impact”. The second, June 15, will be rather one Discuss the emotions between parents and children To better manage fatherhood.

Bibou, Maif Station: Level 0 at Renaissance Station. Monday to Saturday, 9am to 6pm. Website:

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