Institut Mines-Télécom: Eight major schools to meet tomorrow’s challenges

Institut Mines-Télécom (IMT) is the main French group of leading engineering and management schools, consisting of eight major public schools and two subsidiary schools.

Accessible through competition (mainly after preparation for bac + 2) or through apprentices, they represent the ideal way to become an engineer or manager in a changing world.

IMT’s student network is substantial, with more than 13,660 students trained – comparable to the largest American universities, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Institut Mines-Télécom contributes extensively to innovation and entrepreneurship for the eight Schools of Excellence.

At the end of the Science Preparatory Class (bac + 2), accessible through the Engineering Training Competition, either through the General Mines-Ponts Competition (IMT Atlantique, Mines Saint-Etienne, Télécom Paris) or the Mines-Ponts Competition. Telecom (IMT Mines Albi, IMT Mines Alès, IMT Nord Europe, Mines Saint-Etienne, Telecom SudParis, EURECOM). There are also parallel admissions paths: for beginner, postgraduate, qualifying or foreign students.

The IMT-BS Management School will be accessible from 2021 onwards after the Economic Preparatory Class through the Bank Commune d’Prives Competition or Passarel Competition and the Mines-Telecom Engineering School Competition. It is also possible to join it through apprentices.

Innovative courses with personalized and humanitarian assistance

Thanks to the adaptive and innovative course, IMT schools are present in the first quarter of the rankings. Students. “The transformation of pedagogy is really a strategic focus for all our schools, Gabriel Landrak explains, training director. We have a skills-based approach that allows our students to refine courses according to the professional objectives they set for themselves. A

The teaching team, consisting mainly of teachers and researchers, is constantly adapting to new learning habits and needs of the company. From an inverted classroom to an escape game through design thinking, students showcase their talents: a sense of creativity and innovation is central to IMT’s teaching practice.

“Every project has a lot of pedagogy, Gabriel Landrak continued. One of our strengths is our staff-to-staff ratio. There is one teacher for every seven to ten students. They benefit from a great closeness that allows them to establish healthy and effective personalized companions. A

Among the leading groups of engineering and management schools in France, students benefit from personalized and humanitarian assistance. They shape their professional future.

Institut Mines-Telecom: A group committed to environmental change and gender equality

IMT is a strong player in tackling the challenges of climate change. In line with their historic commitment, IMT schools approved a general roadmap in June 2021. Within each campus, teams are dedicated to environmental issues through the promotion of environmental change in IMT schools, such as IMT Atlantique and IMT Nord Europe, which are part of a committed campus responsible network. They actively participate in the training of responsible engineers and managers through a general education and through a repository dedicated to environmental change.

Sensitive to the challenge of gender equality and the fight against gender and sexual violence, ITM has developed an ambitious equality plan for the period 2021-2023. In this context, schools conduct preventive support and hearing activities throughout the year.

Great school for tackling great challenges

IMT trains its students in the major industries of our time, digital and environmental change. The eight Grandes Ecoles in the group allow young people to choose from hundreds of interdisciplinary courses. In the program: biotechnology, artificial intelligence, cyber security and big data, health, composite materials and geology etc.

“Thank you Business & Skills Observatory, We operate our own digital and industrial professions barometer that allows us to estimate recruitment trends and business needs, Says Gabriel Landrak. We also participated in a PIA [Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir, NDLR] On skills for future industries. This makes it possible to redirect training as the company’s needs evolve. A

IMT schools, with more than 1,150 researchers and 1,300 doctoral students, value research very much. Partnership research is an important axis of research and innovation strategy in this field and brings together both IMT research teams and school partners, such as companies or local authorities.

Stimulate and support business creation

Entrepreneurial consciousness is in the DNA of IMT and its schools. They provide full support throughout the course.

IMT courses fund each course of study and thus promote agility: Students learn to adapt and build a sustainable future. The courses integrate new environmental and social issues and make students aware of these issues.

The “start-up” spirit of the course encourages some of them to take it during or after their studies. Continuously motivated by their interests, they benefit from a start-up incubator present at each school, do eight to ten month internships at a company, and participate in the “Company Challenge”.

Paid support for schools: Incubated start-ups have a three-year survival rate of 90%!

Promote student mobility

IMT’s eight Grand Ecoles value mobility. In the third year, students have the option of six months of study at another IMT institution to follow a different theme.

“For example, in civil engineering you can find someone who wants to move to digital technology and who chooses six months in the Renaissance Internet of Things”, Portrayed by Gabriel Landrak. IMT’s international impact is significant: students have the opportunity to study at prestigious universities in more than 70 countries. Based on its excellent reputation, IMT also attracts many foreign students: they represented 29% of students in 2021.

This interaction is also seen in the opportunities for double engineer-manager degree with IMT management school or abroad. Within the framework of the IMT agreement, students have the opportunity to study at prestigious universities in more than 70 countries.

Based on its excellent reputation, IMT shines beyond the borders of France, with more than 28% of its students being international students.

Of the 4,460 graduates in 2021, 90% landed in permanent positions in six months. Enough to make long-term promises for future careers.

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