One year of kindergarten in a classroom without windows

Children at a school in Muscat spend all their kindergarten classes without windows. Since the beginning of the school year, a student’s mother has multiplied the steps to change things without success.

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Mary-Eve Morase

Mary-Eve Morase
The press

Roxanne Forgate knocked on every door after realizing last August that preschool students – including her child – were going to spend their entire school year in a windowless class at Utsa School.

He returned to the school administration, the governing board, the school service center officials, the student ombudsman, the public protector and the Ministry of Education. He has requested for documents under Information Access Act. He hoped he would not have to contact the media, he says.

I think I believe in Santa Claus. I thought this is going to be the solution, we will find the solution for these students.

Forget Roxanne

What was the way to revise the school campus plan for students in the classroom without natural light? Use a day care center, for example? He was told it was an exceptional situation and “it’s not bad, living in a house without windows”, related to Roxanne Forget.

“When I’m not told, you have to have an argument that holds. Don’t tell me there is no solution, “replied the woman, who was even more surprised as to who should be held accountable.

“You can keep your son at home”

In September, Roxanne Forget returned to student ombudsman Dominic Pyle, according to regulations regarding the Complaints Examination Procedure of the Affluent School Service Center (CSSDA). He replies that the children in the class stay in this room “a maximum of 4 hours 30 minutes per day”.

“I conclude that this is how the rights of educated children are respected,” wrote Dominic Pyle.

While acknowledging that “a windowed class will provide additional benefits,” the student ombudsman advised that Roxanne should not forget to enroll her son in a school at the same school service center.

On another note, you probably already know that kindergarten education is not compulsory and you can keep your son at home if you wish. You also talked about enrolling your son in a private school and this is one last option for you.

Dominic Pyle, student guard at the Affluent School Service Center

It is true that kindergarten is not compulsory: in Quebec, parents have a legal obligation to send their children to school from the beginning of the school year when they turn 6 years old.

“As your main concern – that is, to get the best schooling offer for all children – I have yet to conclude that this aspect of the question does not fall within the purview of the Student Ombudsman, especially because of its character. It is highly political,” he concluded.Me When found, the mother is referred to the school board and “to the relevant government authority.”

The Ministry of Education does not know how many students are studying on the campus without windows outside. “The use of premises is a matter of school organization, which is part of the responsibility of each CSS / CS”, we are told

An “exceptional” situation

At CSSDA, we explain The press Because at the source school, students were required to take classes with “overflow”, “premises used for something else”. A “temporary”, “really exceptional” situation, as a new primary school opens its doors in this sector next school year.

” [Les enfants] Don’t stay in the room all day: we try to go to the versatile room, try to get out to get natural light, “said CSSDA spokesman Eric Laduser. It’s safe, he said.

“In high school, we have lots of rooms without windows,” Mr Laduser added, admitting that these students “spend only 75 minutes there” at a time.

Roxanne Forget’s son and his classmates will finish kindergarten in a few weeks.

“For this year, it is missed. It didn’t work, ”lamented M.Me Forget it. Deeply “outraged” by the steps he had to take to “try” to get his question answered, he wanted to follow up on what would happen next.

“It simply came to our notice then. It was as if I were shoveling clouds, my complaint was a whim, “said Mrs.Me Forget it. “I’m not letting go,” he added.

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