Renovation of the aquatic area of ​​the Terra Verden campsite in Castellen by Technic Consoles

Under the direction of Pierre Dutres, founder of Technic Consils, a design office specialized in aquatic projects for outdoor dwellings, Camping in Castellane (04) has demonstrated all his skills at a very large construction site in Camping Terra Verden. Despite restrictions due to the health context – including a 3-week stop at the construction site – and the unusual weather conditions during the autumn-winter season, the project was delivered on time, in May 2021, the season to open to customers.

A great project for an expert

The expertise of the company’s team – from designing the spaces to be renovated and overseeing activities throughout the summer – has made it possible for clients to be fully satisfied again. This summer a satisfaction has been shared by 4-Star Campsite customers who have been able to enjoy the already renovated 200 m² heated swimming pool, a new 166 m² leisure pool overflow and integrated balneotherapy area and 40 new paddling pools. And 120 m² with their entertainment games. All services provided by the Technical Council have been reviewed by an External Design Office (HECF).

The aquatic area has been renovated in 2021 at Camping Terra Verden in Castellan

Total renovation of large pool and technical room

For the renovation part, target a large skimmer pool of 200 m² (160 m²)3), Was the first of the reforms in the demolition of the old technical room. Then the hydraulic networks of the whole complex, including a common technical room, needed to be fully built.
It was equipped for this large swimming pool: 2 filters (1600 mm), 2 filtration pumps (5.5 HP), sized by its interior design office, to offer 119 m recyclable flow.3/ H Pool water treatment is supervised by an automatic Terio Touch XL (Cyclop Electronic) control, pH injection by a metering pump and chlorine by a chlorine tablet metering device.
For heating, two existing heat pumps needed repair.

The spa is part of the renovated swimming pool at the Terra Verden campsite in Castellen

A brand new swimming pool and an infinity paddling pool

For a new leisure pool of 166 m² (192 m)3), Soon to be covered in a shelter, including an overflow basin, including prefabricated buffer tanks, 2 filters (1800 mm), 2 pumps (7.5 hp), measured by the Internal Design Office to ensure water recycling. Done. Flow 160 m3/ H Also, there is a Terio Touch XL automatic controller and a special swimming pool double condensing gas boiler. The animations enhance this large pool, which has 9 venturi effect nozzles, 4 anatomical stainless steel benches (4 2CV blowers), and 2 stainless steel massage waterfalls.

Newly built large technical room in 2021. There are 5 filters 1600 and 1800 mm

Equipment dedicated to the paddling pool (120 m²) and its overflow: 1 buffer tank prefabricated and sized by design office, 1 filter (1600 mm) and 1 pump (7.5 hp), similar to a Terio Touch XL regulation pool, and for heating, a. Special swimming pool double condensation gas boiler (140 kW) has been leveled.
The paddling pool features Aquadrolics games – powered by a 3CV pump – as well as an interactive “piano” waterfall made from scratch by Technic Consoles.
Powered by a 4CV pump – water games from manufacturer Aquadrolics will be completed next winter with 3 Edsun slides. Technic Conciles has sized equipment for its new aquatic attraction, such as 3 pumps (12.5CV and 7.5CV), as well as discharge, manhole … Hydraulic networks of future animations have already been provided during the first phase construction site, so as to avoid new offensive work once the beach Built.

To facilitate the maintenance of the entire aquatic complex, a single electric cabinet is used to control all equipment in the pool.
To avoid overloading the wastewater network, the Technic Council recommends installing an independent washing tank of 20 meters, for washing all filters.3, Equipped with a drain pump. After reaching the upper level of the tank, the latter discharges the washing water into the waste water pipe at a lower rate.

Dedicated to the 3 Terio Touch XL regulation system, each 200 m² swimming pool, 166 m² a and 120 m² paddling pool.

A continuation of the building site …

In the second stage, the client chooses to complete the installation to complete the aquatic complex with 3 Edson slides (kamikaz, turning and 2-lane pentaglis), a shelter for the aquatic area and a complete toilet block covering the area with its covered access. Done. . Again, the technicians are responsible for the rest of the project, with equal respect for safety and hygiene standards.

120 m² outdoor paddling pool with water activity and Aquadrolics games, under construction in 2021

Part of the huge 166 m² pool and its recreation: spa area with venturi jet, jet cannon …

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