This is the 7th edition of the UNICEF Prize for Children’s Literature, which will be played on “A Family Reconciliation”, sponsored by Sandrin Kiberlein.

Paris, May 31, 2022 – The 2023 election, painted by children and young people as well as education and children’s literature professionals, promotes work that addresses a wide range of issues: today’s family diversity, emotional management and – being in a family circle, role parents in education and transmission, families facing immigration or uncertainty. Yes, protection against domestic violence …

So this year will give selected albums, novels and comics An opportunity not only for the taste of reading but also to make children aware of the many rights they need for their development, such as the right to education, protection, non-discrimination, respect for each other. Child opinions, non-separation of families, etc.

Children and youth between the ages of 3 and 15 will have until April 30, 2023, to vote Families are divided into age groups (3-5 years old / 6-8 years old / 9-12 years old) to choose their favorite book from a selection of 16 fun, poetic, intriguing, moving and inspirational books at their school, library and leisure center. 13-15 years old). The winners will be announced in June 2023.

Sandrin Kieberlan, a sponsor committed to accessibility of the 2023 Awards in partnership with the VISIO Foundation

The actress is the initiator of this year’s UNICEF Award for Children’s Literature Sandrin Kiberlein.

Extremely committed to children, especially those with disabilities, Sandrine Kiberlein has chosen to support UNICEF France and the VICO Foundation Accessibility is their vision Books for visually impaired children. She will give her voice in one of the audio-narrative books selected for the UNICEF Prize for Youth Literature, as well as other actors: Jean-Toussaint Bernard, Franোয়াois Craton, Mary Desgranges, Mary Felix, and others.

“I am delighted to be able to sponsor this new edition of the UNICEF Prize for Children’s Literature and to contribute to the work done with the VICO Foundation. The family environment is the breeding ground for child development and maturity, and literature is a great way to approach this family theme, with all its variations and all the problems surrounding it in all its forms. Consistent with the whole project, the adaptation of the selected works in the audio narrative makes them accessible to blind or visually impaired children and their families, especially close to my heart. “To explain Sandrin Kiberlein.

Educational tools are available at the beginning of the school year

As every year, UNICEF offers in partnership with France EnJeu research program[x] – Lower University Center for Studies on Childhood-Youth (Carried out by Angers University and funded by the Pace de la Loire region), Educational resources are adapted for different age groups With work lessons and to make children aware of the theme of rewards. These tools are available for free at From September 2022.

At the initiative of the VISIO Foundation, all books for 3-5 year olds and 6-8 year olds will be described in audio, under the artistic guidance of Dune Cherville, so that they are fully accessible to visually impaired children. There is a problem with the inclusion of audio narration techniques
This is especially important because it allows blind or partially blind children to enter children’s literature, which is often portrayed as superior. This device is based on a text written by a professional, then recorded by one or more voices, to tell the story to the child while describing the main visual elements of the book.

The extra originality of the partnership between UNICEF France and the VICO Foundation: Each audio-visual book also benefits from a personalized sound design (sound, music, etc.) so that the child can fully immerse himself in the work environment.

All information on the UNICEF Prize is available here
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