Villepreux – The city is committed to helping children with heart disease

“All together, let’s keep a heart so they have one. »Gene-Baptist Harmonic adopts the slogan Mesenat Cardiac Surgery with these words. The modem mayor of Villepreux and his colleague from Port-Marley, Cédric Pemba-Marin (Modem), have decided to join the association, which allows children with heart disease to come to France for surgery when they cannot be treated. Their country of origin. The Story of the Heart, implemented by a Promise Project, was launched on May 25 in the town hall of Villeprex and which will raise funds to welcome two children with heart disease into the Villepresien and Marliportain families during their care in France.

In this case, 24,000 euros – 12,000 per child – is available to care for two children with heart disease. “Usually, […] That’s 30,000, 40,000 or 50,000 euros, “said Professor Francine Leca, France’s first female cardiac surgeon, founder of Mesenat Cardiac Surgery, which will soon reach 4,000 pediatric surgeons. [L’association] Has been in the hospital and package for about 25 years. […] We’ve been able to get a worldwide price of 12,000 euros, which is infinitely low, but it’s still a big amount. A

“I realized it was a very miraculous surgery, in the sense that you have a baby that is either dying or very bad, that can’t walk or play football, you put him on an operating table for three or four hours, and he’s a second. Born. So it’s exciting, he continues. The downside is it’s expensive, and it’s very technical. In many countries,[…] Children cannot be operated on, there is no way or adequate technology. A

He first met Jean-Baptiste Harmonic a few years ago at the Tour de France caravan, of which Mesenat was one of the partners in cardiac surgery. “We’ve exchanged a lot, and we’ve decided to work together and with the municipality of Villaprex on how we can save a child,” said City Councilor Villepreusien. [Pemba-Marine], And in general, Cédric is the one who goes for it and says, “Here we go.” A

They should organize to welcome and save two heart-sick children one by one for the two municipalities. “We will bring them and keep them in a foster family […]They will operate on one of the nine French hospital departments that perform pediatric cardiac surgery, […] They then return to their host family to spend their well-being. The host family, for a month and a half (average duration during which the child stays in France, note the editor), is his child. He took her for counseling, for surgery, he took her for his recovery,[…] And after an average of one and a half months, the baby will be transferred to Aviation Sun Frontier. […]Those who recover or bring a very well-developed child back to his or her original family, ”explains Francine Leca about caring for children between the ages of 1 and 15, but on average 5 or 6 years old.

The project is still in its infancy and the children or foster families in question have not been identified After all, in any case, you have to find 24,000 euros. “We are waiting for the money to pay for the arrival of the children,” said Orso Chetochin, general manager of Mesenat Cardiac Surgery, who envisions a scenario with the arrival in December.

Meanwhile, elected officials and the association are appealing to volunteer families, and bringing them together through various sports and cultural events that will enable them to raise the necessary funds from this summer until the beginning of next autumn. Cédric Pemba-Marine and Jean-Baptiste Hamonic will also soak the jerseys themselves in a 100- to 120-kilometer trek through the desert, to the Canary Islands, participating in the Half Marathon des Sables from September 25 to October 2. They have also formed the Les Elected Do Sure Association, which aims to “participate, organize, associate and support. […] All kinds of events for the purpose of humanity and solidarity, initiated or supported by the elected representatives of the Republic, ”explained the Mayor of Port-Marley. The goal is to extend the commitment to other cities as well, said Jean-Baptiste Harmonic: “We are already launching an appeal to colleagues from the department, to colleagues from the Ile-de-France and, let’s go crazy, from France and Navarre.”

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