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This week you will see life colorful! Visit Jardin D’Aclimation to celebrate Holi, the traditional Indian festival and its colorful powder. We continue to celebrate nature and rejoice with Brittany. We will not miss the breakdance event at Musée de l’Homme. Or the giant movie of Champs-Elyses! Good week!

Heart stroke

Holi, the party of a thousand colors

You know Holly? It is one of the largest traditional festivals in India. Popular, colorful and colorful, it celebrates the end of winter and the first day of spring. On this occasion, millions of women and men sprinkle themselves with colored powder, making fun of the sounds of traditional music. Jardine D’Aclimation invites you to dress in Indian colors and celebrates the event with a myriad of activities: shows, flavors, make-up stands … not to mention the big parade with jets of colored powder!

It’s a party!

Nature festival

Fate de la Nature occurs in May every year. For 5 days, fill out free activities and events to experience nature exposure. On this occasion, all the players come together to make the public aware of their profession, their practice and their knowledge. Discover the complete program for this major 100% green event!

Britney Day

A Breton wind is blowing in the capital on the occasion of the Fate de la Bretagon. The 15th Town Hall offers Breton activity and entertainment over the weekend. In the program: free concerts, exhibitions, traditional dances, local products …


Anniversary Weekend: Carnavalet and You!

One year worth celebrating! In May 2022, the museum celebrates its first year of reopening and offers a festive and free anniversary weekend on May 21 and 22. Discover the museum and its collections differently with the program: wellness, work discovery, games, reading, rest, Paris music festival concert, musical palette, live show … there will be something for everyone!

Graveyard spring

The 3rd edition of Graveyard Spring gives you an appointment on Sunday 22nd May. For the general public, the event is an opportunity to shed new light on these traditional sites, their landscape value, their rich biodiversity, as well as their cultural interests, which are often unknown to the general public. A day experience with family in nature and culture.

Break dance in the human museum

Break dancing performances, sneaker customization workshops or action painting exhibitions, put urban culture in the spotlight as part of the Hill of Arts at the Muse de los Home! Come in large numbers to discover this unique two-day cultural journey full of surprises on May 21 and 22.

TUMO opens its doors for you

TUMO, a free digital creation school for 12-18 year olds, invites you to its open day. Come and discover new activities where you can practice artistic and digital technology for next year. You’ll meet teams, discover creative spaces, and even test activities. Register!

Movies for adults!

A Sunday at the movie Champs-Elyses

7th art lovers, 3rd edition of Un Dimanche au Cinema is waiting for you! On May 22, the film “A Star Is Born” was shown free of charge to pedestrians for the event at the Champs-Elyses, and it was set up on a 150-meter screen.2 For the best projection comfort. Try your luck to be one of the lucky ones!

Harry Potter night

Mark your calendar! A Harry Potter night is waiting for you at Cinematheque Frances from 10pm on Saturday 21st May! This evening, scheduled as a continuation of our Harry Potter screening for young viewers, reserved for teens and adults. In the program, the last three ops of the story, and quizzes, blind tests, competitions and other surprises during the break. So wear your best magic costume, brush your spells and don’t forget your stick!

Shows and music

Superego at the concert

A sunny pop concert for kids and their families! On stage, David Delabros is accompanied by Euculele and vocals by Fausta Federiki, known as La Chache, on vocals and launchpad; Samuel Chapelin, known as La Bricol, on keyboards and guitars; Stephen Bouvier, aka La Pompe, on bass and clarinet, and Thibaut Dore, aka La Truit, on drums and percussion. In a word, beautiful people!

Ko and Ko are two Eskimos

The white heads of the two blue squares are Kô & Kô, the huts of the two Eskimos. They venture out into the snowy plains in search of the sun. They will go as far as the southern port. Along the way, they meet penguins, graph bears, seals, large winged birds, sapinet girls, sorry men, six-legged horses… as well as two lift angels! This musical and animated show is adapted from the books of Maria Helena Vieira da Silva and Pierre Guizen, published in 1933.

Crazy workshop


Participate in an artistic practice workshop around the exhibition “Silsila, Journey of Appearance” presented at the Institute of Islamic Culture. Children are engaged in a decryption game to discover the meaning of the symbols hidden on the board Scent of Cyrus and Lily Ryan Yasmin. They then create a new decor for the great King Cyrus, drawing and pasting plants in the background, and architectural motifs on colored paper. A workshop to learn how to compose a painting while having fun. From the age of 6 years.

Workshop made in Portugal

Come and take a paper trip from one end of Portugal to the other! In small groups, children will decode postcards from an explorer and solve a series of puzzles to complete their geographical map.

The children are invited to a creative workshop and set off to explore Portugal! In the creation of the painter Lola Overson, children are inspired by Porto, Lisbon or Aveiro facades to create colorful azulezos (a tile or decorated earthenware tiles) and move on with their creations. The workshop will be led by Apolonia Stankiewicz, a painter from Baïka magazine

Family Saturday

Note on your tablet, as part of “Family Saturday”, five new nursery systems are joining:
– Dried Trees (Center of Paris)
– Saint-Severin priest (5)e)
– Madness Reginalt (11)e)
– Shed (12)e)
– Violet (14)e)
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