Will it be possible for a host municipality to bear the tuition fee itself without request from the municipality of residence?

Response of the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports: As a suggestion, it should be borne in mind that authorized midwives (or childminders) mainly adopt preschool age children. The municipalities that have chosen childminders are for most municipalities that do not have a crচche or have not enough space in the cr জন্যche to accommodate all the children in the municipality.

Regarding children subject to compulsory schooling, section L. 131-5 of the Education Code provides that “persons responsible for a child are required to attend compulsory schooling. […] He must be enrolled in a public or private educational institution, otherwise, if they are approved by the appropriate state authority on education, give him guidance in the family. “

In the case of enrolling a child in a school outside of the municipality where he resides, paragraph L. 212-8 of the same code provides that “when a municipality’s nursery school or public primary schools receive students whose family is living in another municipality, distribution of operating expenses between the host municipality and the municipality of residence. It is done through agreement. “

However, in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 4 of the aforesaid section L. 212-8, the residential municipality is not required to contribute financially to this education “if the reception capacity of its educational institution allows the children concerned to attend school, unless the mayor of the commune resides with the host commune.” He has agreed to send these children to schools outside his commune. “

Also, in the case of paragraph 5 of paragraph L. 131-5 of the Education Code, the child does not impose any financial obligation on the municipality of residence where “families living near two or more public schools have the right to enroll their children in one or the other of these schools.” In schools, whether it is in their municipal area or not, unless it already has the maximum number of ‘students approved by the control’.

On the other hand, Article R. 212-21 of the Education Code specifies that the resident municipality must contribute financially to the school of the children of the other municipality, such as: Or indirectly does not guarantee the catering and custody of the child, or either of these two services; Medical Committees and Reform Commissions, Physical Eligibility Criteria for Government Employment and Sick Leave Scheme for Civil Servants, Frequent Hospitalization or Regular and Prolonged Care, Provided in the Reception Municipality and may not be in the Residence Municipality; 3 ° The child’s sibling is enrolled in a nursery school, a nursery school or a public primary school in the host municipality in the same school year, when The registration of a brother or sister in the municipality is fair: – – by lack of reception capacity in the municipality of residence; – Applies the provisions of the last paragraph of paragraph L. 212-8.

Finally, “A child’s education in a municipal school other than his or her residence in a school cannot be questioned by one or the other before the completion of pre-primary education or primary education. As mentioned in the last paragraph of 212-8, the municipality of the child’s residence does not do so. The host municipality has the right to complete the cycle starting in a nursery or primary school. Does not match the education code.

However, the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports is concerned about the problems faced by some rural municipalities in maintaining the existence of their schools. Indeed, the balance and maintenance of the school offer in the entire region, especially in rural areas, is a priority of the Ministry.

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