A mother goes to school and can’t find her daughter, she comes home at night with a baby in her lap

While picking up her 8-year-old daughter from school, a woman had a bad surprise. In fact, the girl was not at the institution, and despite a thorough search, the girl appeared to have disappeared until she returned home and found her with a baby.

Daughter of Madison Barbara and Edward Hunt. He was only 6 years old when his parents moved to Sasalito, California. For the first 2 years, Barbara took her daughter to and from school. But after his 8th birthday, Edward told his wife to let the little girl go to school alone, a few meters from their home.

Barbara was a housewife who cared for her daughter. He liked to take Madison to school every morning. Very defensive, he feared that Madison was too young to walk alone. But when her husband insisted, she finally gave in. This did not deter him from taking some precautions.

That’s how he put a cell phone in his daughter’s pocket. He kept a small journal there with their home address and important numbers so that Madison could contact them if needed.

Madison had to instruct her to call her mother if she went to a friend’s house after school or if she stopped in the park near the school. This approach reassured Barbara that her daughter was safe.

Barbara and Edward move to Sasalito while Madison 6 | Source: pixels

One day, at home Barbara decides to surprise her daughter by picking her up from school. Then she wanted to take him to her favorite ice cream parlor near the suite. When she arrived, Barbara was delighted that the class bell was ringing.

While he was waiting, he saw a stream of students flowing from the school. Barbara saw Madison’s friends Alice and Katherine, but she did not see her daughter. He immediately thought that Madison was trapped by something. In fact, he decided to wait for her.

But minutes passed and the little girl was not there. So Barbara decided to go in search of her daughter. He started searching his classroom, but Madison was not there, the classroom was empty without teacher Mrs. Blake. He was sitting at his desk checking some papers.

Concerned, Barbara goes to the teacher and asks if she knows where Madison was. But the teacher’s response surprised the mother:

“Oh, Mrs. Hunt! I’m sorry! I was so heartbroken to call you! Madison didn’t go to school for a week. I was worried she was sick! Was, and he failed! “

Barbara Madison was not among the school dropouts Source: pixels

In the blink of an eye, Barbara’s anxiety turned into a real internal storm. The mother was shocked to learn that her 8-year-old daughter was skipping school. She couldn’t understand how her daughter could go out to school every morning.

Just as the teacher was surprised. The information provided by Barbara contradicts his observations. Madison was not in class for several days. Barbara was stunned, not knowing what to say.

He ran out of school and dialed Madison’s number, but Madison did not answer. He tried several times, without success. Worst of all was when he realized the phone was off.

Barbara’s anxiety was extreme, she wondered where her daughter was. In an attempt to answer this internal question, he began looking for Madison everywhere in the park, in the restaurant. Not seeing who he was looking for, he started calling Madison’s friends, to no avail.

I started crying in frustration. In the end, she decided to call Edward to tell him everything. He then told Barbara to wait for him at the school. A few minutes later, he appeared. Both of them started searching again. They searched parks, cafes, restaurants, and neighbors’ homes, as well as schools and their homes, but Madison was nowhere to be found.

Barbara learns from Mrs. Blake that Madison is avoiding class Source: pixels

It was 8 o’clock when Edward and Barbara returned home. Ignoring them, they searched for Madison day and night. On the way Barbara could not hold back the tears. They decided to call the police as soon as they arrived.

Although they did not get a chance to do so. In fact, near their home, Barbara saw Madison waving to a street boy from a distance.

“Edwards!” He shouted. “Maddie here! She’s right there, right in front of our house!”

Unbelieving it, Edward narrowed his eyes, realizing that Barbara was right. He immediately thanked the Lord for their good fortune. As soon as they parked the car, they ran towards Madison.

Their worries were dispelled, they gave each other a confused look when they discovered that Madison was not alone, but she was holding a baby wrapped in a white towel.

“Who is this baby, Madison? And who was that little boy who just left?” Barbara asked confusedly.

Barbara is confused when she sees Madison holding a baby Source: Unsplash

Madison bowed her head and apologized, then asked if they could continue the discussion inside.

Barbara, however, vehemently denied the allegations. Strongly explaining to her daughter that she and Edward were very worried about her sudden disappearance, she concluded that she was going to call the police.

Madison nodded before asking her mother not to call the police. She was sure they were going to pick up the baby whose name was Laila. He explained that he had to take care of Layla.

Edward then told Barbara to calm down and take care of the matter. He then went to Madison and asked her where the baby came from. Then Madison said:

“Layla is my friend Terrence’s sister, Dad. Her grandmother is sick and Layla can’t take care of her, and she refuses to go to the hospital because she says the police are taking Layla away. Layla’s parents died two months ago.”

Edward and Barbara exchanged a worried look, and they realized that Terrence’s grandmother was afraid that social services would take Laila because she couldn’t take care of her.

“And why didn’t you go to class, honey? Mom called you today, but your phone was off,” Edward asked.

Madison reveals the baby is her friend’s sister Source: pixels

“I’m sorry. I go to Terrence every day to take care of Layla, so I don’t have time to go to class … I come home when she comes home from school. We were playing with Layla today, and I didn’t play. Don’t check my phone.” , He began.

He went on to say, “When I finally decided to call my mother, the phone died. Terrence’s grandmother was very ill today, so Terrence and I spent the whole day caring for her. I’m sorry. I didn’t tell you because I was afraid I would I can’t play with Layla. “

Barbara and Edward realized that the situation was complicated. They further realized that Madison did not want them to worry. She was just trying to help a friend, so they didn’t scold her, but they bothered to convince her that she shouldn’t miss her class.

More confident, Madison asked if Laila could be with them, especially since Terrence was alone to take care of her and her ailing grandmother. But Barbara told him it was impossible. Nevertheless, both parents promised their daughter that they would do everything they could to help the struggling family.

The next day, Barbara and Edward went to Terrence. They talked to Mrs. Peterson, the little boy’s grandmother. They took the opportunity to help Laila live a more comfortable life without the intervention of the authorities. The old woman broke down in tears before thanking Edward and Barbara heartily.

Barbara fell in love with Layla Source: Unsplash

Over time, Barbara began spending more time at Terrence’s home, taking care of Laila and Mrs. Peterson. She fell in love with Layla, and one day she asked Edward if they could adopt her and Terrence.

Edward was more than happy to have Laila and Terrence as children, but he advised Barbara to ask Mrs. Peterson first. After a long series of dilemmas, Barbara submitted the idea to Mrs. Peterson and she was surprised that she accepted.

“Look, honey,” he said. “I am an old bird and I am still worried about what will happen to my grandchildren after I die. I will be relieved and happy that if you accept them they are in good hands.”

“Oh, Mrs. Peterson, thank you so much!” Dr. Barbara. “We were also wondering if you would like to go with us … kids, you know, would love to be around their grandma. What do you think?”

“My angel,” he said. “You are a true angel, my dear. I am sure God has sent you and your husband to help us. Oh God, thank you so much! Thank you so much!”

Mrs. Peterson left with Terrence and Laila Hunt. Edward and Barbara began the process of rapid adoption, and two months later, Terrence and Layla were legally their child.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Trust your children. Barbara was angry at Madison when she saw the baby in her arms. But then she realized that Madison was helping her friend.
  • Love makes a family. Barbara and Edward adopt Laila and Terrence to raise them with love.

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