Alice stimulates postal reunion at BIS-Ballard Abbey de Reigni

The artist was only able to hang his works for a fleeting evening. On the walls of the magnificent reception hall located in Abbaye de REIGNY, a high place of the Sisterian tradition of our land. A unique presentation from which the participants of the Departmental Commission for the Territorial Postal Presence of the Union (CDPPT) greatly benefited during their reunion. Too bad, three times too bad for art lovers that the exhibition can no longer stand among the stones of this age …

Vermonton : The invitation card promises to give a surprise in the form of an animation without really specifying the outline. Yonne’s territorial representative for the La Poste group, Christine MORANGE, who was in charge of delivering the event, did not say a word about the program, an event open to the organization’s partners.

The setting, meanwhile, could not leave indifferent the representatives of Eon’s community who had gathered at the meeting point: REIGNY’s abbey. A small heavenly setting for sight and smell – a place of enchanting fragrant flowers – a tradition and spiritual work created by Beatrice and Louis-Marie Mauvice step by step and through self-sacrifice and willpower. We now know this project to lift the hearts of a couple of “gentleman farmers” who never gave up in the face of adversity.

A spacious extended space.

Decoration, then. A stage, adjacent to the walls of the building, and its projectors are scattered abundantly with strong light, just to create the atmosphere. Different personalities of the group will follow each other in La Poste in our region. Coming to retrieve the weight of the postal organization in its regional perimeter, made of impact and investment. Especially with the community.

From Hélène MERLE LABROUSSE, Gilles DEMERSSEMAN, Regional Elected Officer, well-known in Landerneu, who took over the presidency of the CDPPT just a few months ago, is director of resources and support for digital transformation. From Jacques PERRIER, the regional representative of the “big post office” of the Burgundy Franche-Comte who came exclusively to Dominic Yanni, a prefecture representative from Disney. We will come back to this later.

Monks build walls, finally concluding. They attract irresistible attention. Logically, the canvases are suspended from the photo rail at eye level. Colorful, deep, thoughtful. These are the works of artist Alice BIIS-Ballard. A beauty in the subject: abstract presentation in all its glory. His universe allows him to express himself in a place of freedom, heavily controlled, pushing his thoughts towards infinity.

The spontaneity of acrylic work …

The support chosen by the painter is none other than acrylic. It gives him spontaneity in expressing his creativity.

“The background of my canvas, he mentioned, is always rich in materials: music scores, sand, marble dust, even fabric …”.

The effect is striking. The results are magnificent. In perfect harmony with the place, this Cistercian vestige was restored to the cord by the indomitable will of the Maoist couple. A place whose slightest angle is essential to discover. By way of meditation …

For more than thirty-five years, the artist frequently portrayed Seraglio in her capacity as an actress, investing in a bubble fantasy. A path marked by success for this graduate of science. Sorry, but Alice BIAIS-BELARD has hung her works in multiple exhibitions and galleries in France (Honfleur, Chatou, Paris, Vézelay …) but also abroad (Canada, Italy).

His paintings were searched by private collectors. Whether they are American, Japanese, Italian or Swiss citizens. When will the rich patron of the Middle East?

Until the evening, the guests of the group at La Post will therefore be delighted to be immediately immersed in the paintings of this artist, who regularly exhibits in Yon (Avalon, Vezelle, etc.) and who makes the famous phrase his own. Pablo Picasso, master of Cubism: “A painting survives only by the person who sees it”.

Given the number of conscientious views on the canvas, there is no doubt: the works of this artist, listed in Druit, are more alive than ever!

Thierry Brett

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