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The Chez Rioux & Pettigrew team relocated to a new location in Quebec City last August, located on the ground floor of St. Paul’s Route 155 – across the street from his restaurant – and converted into a private event room called Blanche.

Chef and co-owner Dominic Jacques said: “We’ve always had a very strong demand for events, but we haven’t always been able to hold them due to lack of space.” The restaurant’s opposite courtyard, a traditional building that features early 1920s and original beams, is so beautiful that it was alluring before it was brought to market. A

Since November, events (a DJ night, a wedding and a Christmas party) have been held informally there, but the official opening of the venue took place on 19 May. Rooms can be rented daily, at different times, for business lunches and yoga evenings. “We can feel the excitement of the people,” said Emily Althoth-Robitale, event director for Chase Reox & Petigrew. They want to be together so much that it allows them to plan their events in tougher timelines than in the past. A

A complete turnkey offer

The room manager has accumulated ten years of experience, especially internationally, and he realizes that renting “empty shells” – a fully fitted space – regularly leads to hiring an event organizer. This is why Chez Rioux & Pettigrew offers a complete turnkey and customizable offer.

The decor is in the company image: local wood and recycled materials, antique furniture found in antique shops or made by the Quebec company … Three separate spaces allow for 30 to 80 seats: the heart of the hall, mirrored, mezzanine, the stage area and an old corridor. Where aperitifs and cocktails are served.

The house name, Blanche, points to a customizable blank page. Customers can choose lighting and music, and arrange space according to the event. Technically, they have significant access to microphones and projectors and, in the long run, plan to add Mapping – Multimedia technology that allows a 2D artistic creation to be projected onto a surface on a larger scale.

The company offers to complete its offer with a list of local suppliers, including a florist and wedding cake specialist company. “We want customers to be accepted at Chez Rioux & Pettigrew as if they were at home: listen and be free to do whatever they want with the space,” the director stressed.

A specific menu

Customers have access to eight seasonal dishes that showcase local products, such as a bison gravlax with borrel spice, sauerkraut, a mozzarella de buffalo candied mushroom and a kale pesto, a white stove with honey from the Roucher des Basses terrace, a milkshake. Whipped cream and a sweet clover cream … then they create a tailor-made menu that can be adapted to a variety of allergens and diets.

“It’s a modern, epidemic way of managing: small menus and specific menus,” says the chef and co-owner. If you serve a feast with a la carte menu, you can push your thoughts less away; By having a fixed menu, you can plan a high-end menu. Everyone wins: the team in the kitchen, but also in the dining room that better performance and speed of service. On site, the satellite kitchen makes it possible to send dishes, but the production is mainly done in restaurants – hence the importance of proximity.

No appointments were planned, and it was Chez Rioux & Pettigrew, a chef who is a must-attend event. “In Quebec, it is not easy to find a house where you can start from scratch and get quality food in a restaurant! Dominic insists Jacques. He also wants to organize his own events, especially themed evenings and guest chefs.

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