Destination: Space! One week to get laid

Jobs By Mark Larcher June 2, 2022

Presenting eight science fiction films and a doc from June 4, CANAL + Cinema takes us to the boundaries of the solar system and proves that there is nothing more beautiful or boring than a group of astronauts leaving Earth.

Space programming!

CANAL + Cinema invites viewers to a true galaxy of movies this spring. Three unpublished, four unmistakable and eight feature films, including an exclusive documentary, are offered to fans of SF and Interstellar Travel. Not to forget the more distant stars like the shorts, the three new shorts hit the wind waves.

The place that shows you dreams and fears

Respect where you deserve respect. We begin with his majesty DUNE, the most anticipated film of 2020, the latest creation by Dennis Villeneuve, the talented director of BLADE RUNNER 2049 (2017), PREMIER CONTACT (2015) and SICARIO (2016). The novel, which has won six Oscars on television, is an impossible adaptation of the most spectacular science fiction novel of the 60’s. And yet, it is a complete success. Not to mention the solid gold cast: Timothy Chalamet in the lead role, Oscar Isaac as his father Duke, Jason Momoa, Zendaya, Charlotte Rampling, Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem as a sand rebel. The planet Arakis and its vast sands are clearly true – since Ridley Scott’s Alien and Blade Runner or even 2001, Stanley Kubrick’s Space Odyssey. After the big event, the journey continues with VOYAGERS (2021), a cool space thriller about how a group of children rebelled against their Creator to establish a habitable planet. Featuring a new generation of Hollywood actors such as Tie Sheridan and Lily-Rose Depp, the feature film takes place entirely in a huge spaceship with an iron fist directed by a guru starring Colin Farrell. More realistically, the Russian film SALYUT-7 (2017) is inspired by the little-known but true story of two astronauts sent into space in 1985 to reactivate the command systems of an abandoned station on the brink of an accident on Earth. Once there, Vladimir Fedorov and Victor Alekhine will discover that preserving crafts will be particularly complex and that it is almost impossible for them to return to Earth. Halfway between APOLLO 13 and Spectacular GRAVITY (2013), the film also airs on Alfonso Cuaron’s classic, CANAL + Cinema.

Is there life outside the earth?

Fans searching for signs of life in the universe will not miss June 7 LIFE: UNKNOWN ORIGIN (2017) Daniel Espinosa with Jake Gillenhaal and Ryan Reynolds in a team of astronauts who had to retrieve a research capsule back in March. The operation is a success but when they examine their findings, they realize that life exists outside of Earth … Of course, this proves to be particularly unfavorable. Another possibility of June 10, just as frightening, is The Last Days on Mars (2013) with Liv Schreiber and Elias Cotias, a film that tells how, just hours before returning to Earth, a team discovered a form of a bacterial organism on red. . By launching an unauthorized expedition in search of extra samples from the planet, they are involved in a dangerous cycle from which they will not be able to get out freely. Finally, we might like Claire Dennis’s mysterious and poetic movie in High Life (2018) where Robert Pattinson lives in a spaceship with his daughter Willow and, as part of an experiment supervised, remembers being in space with other criminals. Juliet Binoche, a scientist with a turbulent past …

A dock for setting records straight

The choice is even wider because we have the amazing documentary ESPACE from June 4, NOUVELLE FRONTIERE DU CINEMA? By Thibaut Bertrand (2022) where filmmaker Alexander Aja or astronaut Claudi Hagner tries to understand in a prestigious gallery of speakers why and how the film industry has been producing more and more films dedicated to space conquest since 2010. Doc even wonders if science fiction movies may not eventually be the main promoters of the space program …

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