Habiba Fakhri, Vice-President of the Afghan Union Nuway: I am a devil in the eyes of the Taliban

Habiba Fakhri, vice-president of the Afghan Union of Nuway, spoke on the platform of the Confederate Congress on May 30. Thanks to the support of the French trade union confederation, including the FO and the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), a refugee in France since last October, she continues her fight to speak on behalf of Afghan women, the first victims of the Taliban regime.

For almost twelve years, Habiba Fakhri has been defending the cause of women in the Afghan Union Nouawe (National Union of Afghan Workers and Employees). He was appointed vice-president of the organization following a congressional hearing two years ago.

If there have been attacks on women in Afghanistan’s political history, who are often victims of discrimination and armed violence, the situation has improved over the last twenty years. Women can ultimately play a role in society and politics. But the dramatic impact of the Taliban’s rise to power in August 2021 plunged the country back into obscurity.

For the Taliban, women and girls are only used for giving birth, they are like a priceless object to obey their husbands, the worker explained. Fighting for rights in their eyes is an active female devil like me.

Five days after the Taliban came to power, Habiba Fakhri realizes that she is in danger. She fled Kabul with her husband and one of her children. We were hiding somewhere until we were deported to France on 6 October to help the French trade unions. He explains. Leaving Kabul is dangerous, it takes courage. It’s been three weeks since my whole family was reunited in France. I thank the French Union for what they have done.

Activist FO was a guest of the Confederate Congress with Nouveau President Maruf Kaderi, who is now a refugee from France. After their speeches on stage, both were greeted with warm applause by the delegates.

Trade union struggles are still raging in Afghanistan

Habiba Fakhri describes in detail the dire situation in which Afghan society is trying to survive. Almost the entire population is plunged into extreme poverty. The country is starving, the UN has talked about it, most of the women breadwinners can no longer work, they have sold what they can eat, today there is nothing left for them to sell, He warns. Very young children are sent to fetch food. Other families are reduced to selling kidneys or their offspring so as not to starve.

The activist specifically emphasized the special status of women, deprived of education and the right to work, and whose faces should now be hidden under burqas. He also stressed on the deterioration of their mental health. The Taliban force educated women working outside their homes to go through hell, they assimilate with infidels and infidels, and those who protest are suppressed, He explains In areas where the Taliban were established before taking power, most women active in society have been executed or are missing. The Taliban know that women with knowledge and wisdom will never surrender in the face of oppression and will continue to fight for their rights.

In exile, the union vice-president continues his struggle. He kept in touch with his comrades in Afghanistan through telephone and social networks. They can’t go out, they are under surveillance, they change all the phones regularly, but the union struggle still exists in Afghanistan.He assures.

I know my message is heard, we are not alone

If he shows solidarity with the people of Ukraine, he fears that the war will push the situation in Afghanistan, where the attacks continue, into the background. The West does not know what is happening here, the Taliban control the media, they can hide their crimes, but I am lucky to be able to explain the reality of the situation, He continues. The people of Afghanistan are by no means in favor of Taliban rule. All people want democracy and freedom.

It called on the French government to intervene politically in the name of freedom, equality and the values ​​of brotherhood, especially without recognizing the regime. Barbarian The Taliban are pushing for an end to violence against women and for the school to reopen.

Tears welled up in the eyes of the woman, who was covered in a sand-colored veil, in a standing room, in reference to the long slogan she received after her speech at the Confederate Congress.

It makes me want to shout louder, I thank everyone, I know my message is heard, He explains I imagined the moment when I was going to convince the comrades who remained in Afghanistan that they were not abandoned, I would tell them to keep fighting, we were not alone, and I was sure that we would succeed in achieving our independence. .

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