In Marseille, Macron’s Model School – Liberation is all right

The head of state came to see, on Thursday, the effects of the “school of the future”, intended for generalization, in an organization that is not very representative of the device of competition.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, with children excited and on vacation at Mainpanti School in Marseille’s 10th Arrondissement. The man with the hood of GIGN posted in the yard, sniffing the bags of ruthless dog journalists. “Where’s the president?” A little boy asked, jumping to the scene. Emanuel Macron on the other side of the wall with the kindergarten kids. The head of state is in Marseille with his new national education minister, Pap Ndia, and “in a big way” to see, under the circumstances, the first effects of the “School of the Future” experiment launched in September in terms of planning. Like 59 institutions in Marseille, a city-laboratory for the initiative he said he wanted. “Autumn Generalization “ Across the region, Menpenti School has agreed to test this device offer “More Freedom and Autonomy for Teachers” Allowing them additional resources – 2.5 million euros has been released. For now, very few institutions have actually started the initiative, but it has been decided in the next academic year. But in Maine, the first brick was laid in February with the establishment of a math laboratory, which is currently in operation in kindergartens. After a tour of the room dedicated to the project, it was with the school teachers, with the parents of the students but with the mayor of Marseille and his deputies that the president and his minister settled in the shade of a plane tree in the courtyard. If you want to submit.

“Enhanced solidarity”

“It’s a cultural revolution, Prefect Christian Abrard, who is in charge of the educational component of the large-scale Marseille plan, has been enthusiastic from the beginning. Usually, in national education, a lot comes from above. There, we started from the bottom, we went from ready-to-wear to tailoring. At a Mainpati school in a “middle-class” district, east of the center of Marseille, not so bad compared to certain institutions in the north, it was the result of a national assessment that persuaded the team to suggest a subject. Around math. “The idea was to bring down the determinism of certain children who think they are not made for math.” Kindergarten director explained. A library room was set up to house the lab there. No paper or pencil, “The idea is that children cheat”, He explains

And the first result, due to the still lack of delicate eyesight, repeats the encouraging, teaching team. “Kids always want to go there, Assures a teacher. Since they work there in pairs or in groups, we also see feedback at the class level, this has allowed for better solidarity. In adults“It has moved a team, especially after two difficult years with Covid.” Another organization says.

“We need more resources”

The President took note, smiling broadly. The first question of the new education minister: What do the parents think? Mary-Lore’s father, a kindergarten student, began: “We still can’t make a real assessment, and the kids can’t talk much when talking about school, but they tell us they want to go there often. We should probably invest more in human and financial resources. “ On the complaint side, teachers are rather polite. “You have the president in front of you, it won’t be every day.” Yet their Perfect Inspiration. Training needs, free time to be able to evaluate test effects, etc. “What we lack The principal of the primary school continued, It is autonomy. Administrative red tape gives us a lot of punishment. It can be simplified. “ Opportunity to address the thorny issue of recruitment in profile and the role of the director in team selection, two points that have annoyed teacher unions since the announcement of the device and which have closed many Marseille schools to participate in the test. . “No, managers don’t hire! The director of the kindergarten has been hammered. And profile positions have always existed. “ “This method of recruitment, where you select a profile according to the project, is an additional value, Says a teacher. This requires a very large personal investment. Candidates need to show their support for the project. In short, in any case in Maine, everything is fine.

The launch pad has been set up, Emanuel Macron has even told himself. “MoveWith so much enthusiasm “When we launched the idea on September 2, everyone told us it was crazy. With the minister, we told ourselves that we should not utter the word autonomy, otherwise we are going to get into a lot of trouble. You said that. There are a lot of restrictions because the system is blocked by a lot of mistrust, Protect the head of state. Republican schools have the right to invent, have the flexibility. Strengthening the ways and multiplying the arms will not be a luxury either.

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