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A new intelligent tool that helps doctors make their decisions.

Intrasense (FR0011179886 – ALINS), an expert in medical imaging software solutions and publisher of Nuria, a software for decision support and vascular diagnosis, announced the signing of a partnership that would provide the solution to practitioners. Nurea’s Artificial Intelligence Platform Myrion Platform, via Intersense AI Hub.

The algorithm developed by Nuria Company is a state-of-the-art CT and MRI imaging tool that allows for the detection of abnormalities as well as the characterization, evaluation and quantification of vascular problems. Nuria’s technology also makes it possible to extract complementary data by providing better patient management in the context of a stroke.

As part of this partnership, Intrasense integrates Nurea’s PRAEVAorta® solution into its XP-Vessel application, which specializes in vascular research in CT and MRI imaging. XP-Vessel, rich thanks to Nuria’s automatic reconstructive equipment, will thus make it possible to visualize the evolution of aneurysms easily and in a very precise way. The application will also offer optimized remodeling and 3D modeling performance.

This partnership offers a new opportunity for Intersense to enrich the offerings of clinical solutions within its AI hub dedicated to artificial intelligence.

A partnership of cardiovascular prevention services

In France, about 3 million people suffer from cardiovascular accidents each year. The Myrian XP-Vessel application, developed by Nurea, will provide physicians with an image analysis and digital simulation tool that will provide optimal patient management and prediction of the evolution of their pathology.

Through patient care, prevention, and better follow-up, priority is given to intracene. By uniting our skills and our values ​​and bringing together this unprecedented solution, our goal is to make practitioners’ lives easier by providing the most advanced technological solutions for more precise and personalized medicine. We are integrating a new artificial intelligence solution into the service of clinical routines. A Nicholas Raymond, CEO of Intersense, says.

“PRAEVAorta® solution of Nurea saves up to 95% of the time of analysis with the diagnosis of pathology. Combined with Intrasense’s XP-Vessel application and its image manipulation technology, it offers the physician a new tool to protect his diagnosis and save him valuable time. Florian Bernard, president and co-founder of Nuria.

Combining the technical power of Nurea’s tool with Myrian, Intrasense continues to work towards clinical innovation and continuous improvement of patient care standards.

About intrasense

Founded in 2004, Intrasense develops and markets Myrian®, a unique medical device, a software platform that facilitates and secures diagnostic, decision-making and therapeutic monitoring. Thanks to Myrian®, more than 1,000 healthcare organizations in 40 countries benefit from a single, integrated platform for reading all types of images (MRI, scanners, etc.). Enriched with specialized clinical applications for specific pathologies, Myrian® offers a universal image processing solution that can be integrated into all health information systems. IntraSense has 56 employees, of whom 16 are dedicated to research and development. Labeled “innovative company” by BPI, it has invested more than মিল 10 million in research and development since its inception. More information at

About Nuria

Created in 2018, Nuria releases software for scanning and automatic analysis of images from MRI to prevent cardiovascular accidents. Located in the Bordeaux metropolitan area, one of the most attractive areas in the health and medical technology sector, the young company that won the i-Lab competition in 2019, has been supporting a complete international network of health organizations since its inception. In the world of research and medicine, Nuria has contributed to the improvement of rapid screening practice for patients at risk of heart attack and ruptured aneurysms. More info here:

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