Lower-Atlantic: A Health Specialist Comes to Talk About the Connection Between Cancer and Endocrine Disorders

Andre Sicolela, president of the Health Environment Network, will host the conference on Friday, June 3. Marine Delcross

Endocrine disruption : What are their effects on our health and our children? No doubt very harmful. Dr. Andre Sikosela, President of the Health Environment Network (RES), will answer this question during a public meeting on Friday, June 3, 2022. Saint-Mars-de-Coutas (Lower Atlantic).

“This conference is the first of our three municipalities’ joint activities to sign the charter on the same day in cities and regions without interruption”, underline Michael Derengen3e Assistant for the environment and health of the host municipality.

Serial trouble

Introducing the RES document, Saint-Mars de Coutis So, Corcoue-sur-logne And Machecoul Saint-Mem Take the initiative “to fight these polluters and to protect our collective health.” Because of the many harmful consequences …

Endocrine disruptors are responsible for pediatric cancer, neurodevelopmental and learning disorders that are widespread in all schools, language disorders, premature puberty and infertility, dental demineralization with brown spots on teeth, asthma, allergies, obesity – and adults. Pathology such as cancer.

Michael Derengen, deputy mayor of Saint-Maris de Coutas

Bisphenol A is behind the ban

Andre Sicolela, a chemist, toxicologist and health risk assessment specialistBisphenol A is banned (2011 and 2015) as well as baby bottles and food containers (endocrine disruptors) Trichlorethylene in dry cleaners.

This nationally and internationally recognized and respected expert will present the effects of this molecule which is found everywhere, especially in food, cosmetics, cleaning products, furniture, indoor air, plastic games for children… it will provide information “still very little known and still so serious”. Pediatric cancer.

Influence for several generations

“Another big problem and not least, these molecules have transgenic effects,” explains Michael Derengen. “These attacks last for generations.” Because your grandchildren or great-grandchildren may be sterilized, this feature probably explains the increasing number of sick children.

Especially in response to this Clinics of pediatric cancer around Sainte-Pazanne, These three communities “decided to work to try to limit risk factors for everyone’s health”. Elected San Marino confirms this: “The good news is! When we know they exist, we can avoid them and protect ourselves!”

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“Like well”

Municipalities are already working together and sharing common tasks, e.g.Operation “Holy Seychelles”, To inform parents about the nature of school provision. They think about The standard of joint catering, Include organic food. Their technical services no longer use phytosanitary products.

This will include the municipality Eco-condition criteria for their contracts and public procurement (excluding endocrine disruptors). “Through the public agreement, we have the opportunity to make better choices for the safety of our children and citizens in general,” said Nathalie Lorio, Food and Corcoué-sur-Logne. Health Assistant at

In Saint-Mars-de-Coutais, the town hall lends free Air quality measuring instrument. In September, it will be a bracelet “Zero phthalate” operation.

Exchange between agents

“We have started a reflection on the products used by the agents in charge of maintenance of the municipal premises,” he added. Francois Bryson, Agricultural adviser to Machecoul Saint-Même. In partnership with CPIE, we are organizing a meeting in October 2022 with agents and elected officials of Loroux-Bottereau who use natural cleaning products to clean their premises. This approach will be complemented by providing information and giving residents a workshop on these natural cleaning products. A

By communicating with endocrine disruptors, elected officials also seek to raise awareness among health professionals, education stakeholders, as well as parents, to “empower citizen-consumers, to give them other opportunities to choose to protect their environment and their health.” Nathalie LaurieElected representative of Corcoué-sur-Logne.

Friday, June 3, at 8 p.m. It is recommended to register by clicking on the link provided on the municipal website of Saint-Mars de Coutais or by calling the town hall reception on 02 40 31 50 53.

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