“Mosur Tetin”: A strange man who reportedly frightened school children in Lyon

Parents of students at Chapeau Rouge Primary and Kindergarten have called for caution in the 9th Arrondissement of Lyon. (© Google Street View)

News info Leon. “He scares the kids. We must act before it’s too late and he takes action.” The supposed presence of a “weird” man near kindergarten and Chapeau Rouge elementary school in Lyon’s 9th Arrondissement is a cause for concern among students’ parents.

According to our information, the case of the local elected officials has been seized and the police have checked a person related to the profile last week.

Nickname “Mr. Pacifier”

This strange man seems to be familiar to the parents of the students in this school complex located between Valmi and Gorge de Loop. “It’s a man between the ages of 50 and 60. First, it manifests itself in a normal way near school, “testified one mother News Leon.

Then came a change in his behavior. “Then he brought a sedative in his mouth! According to him, the middle-aged man was nicknamed “Mr. Pacifier” in the neighborhood.

This mother is sure that the person in question Offer children sweets and cakes, Sometimes through the school gate. “In moments of entertainment, even outside of text, she invites herself through this grid,” she told her mother, who is worried about the safety of her 5- and 7-year-old children.

When the kids reject her progress, she gets angry at them. Insults and death threats. “I’ll come back and kill you,” he said. Last Tuesday he took a child by the hand [le 24 mai 2022]A girl, and a parent intervened to intimidate her.

Mother of students

Police were informed and one person was arrested

A police crew reportedly examined a man in the 9th Amendment in the sector on May 24, a police source confirmed. News Leon This Wednesday.

“It simply came to our notice then. No violations were reported, nothing was reprimanded. Police have invited him to leave the premises, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general.

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“She scares the kids”

“We urge the police (national or municipal) to make more rounds around the school, including break times,” said one mother.

“She’s scared of kids. We have to get to work before it’s too late and she takes action. This guy can be dangerous, “she said.

More rounds of municipal police

If you want to know about this sensitive case. Antoine Jobart, Deputy Mayor (EELV) of the 9th Amendment in charge of security, The area promises more municipal police rounds.

“I have exchanged views with the parents of the students (in this case) through the official channel without any response”, assured the elected representative interviewed. News Leon. “The situation has been taken seriously,” the deputy assured, however, urging “to be prudent” and not to “create psychosis” by saying “we must be careful”.

By uniting the municipal police “we are trying to play our part” who will “ensure a strong presence”. There are about fifteen officers in the district office of the municipal police in Lyon.

Meanwhile, the elected officials did not see this person in question and the management of the organization did not lodge any complaint.

Deputy Thomas Rudigos reported to police

LREM deputy Thomas Rudigos also made a report to the national police according to his team. “We intervened with the national police after the arrest of a mother. The deputy works regularly with the police,” her team explained. The climb was made on Wednesday, May 25th. “When it comes to kids, we’re as responsive as possible,” adds the people around her.

At this stage of the case, the parents of the students remain vigilant around the school and hope that “Mr. Pacifier” will cool off through his police check.

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