New collisions for an amazing reason

Panic on board for Axel and Caroline! Whenever they get a chance, they throw themselves off using social networks. It stings …

Anger is burning between Axel and Caroline!

From the height of their 80% compatibility, everything seems to be connected to Axel and Caroline. Alas, she is disillusioned as the latter keeps an eye on her future husband. Therefore, he will find him all the faults of the world. Despite their general fondness for dogs, they are very small and do not have enough respect for Mother Nature. First, the person concerned takes it upon himself. He will do everything to keep her comfortable and persuade her to go a long way. Noting that it goes beyond the limits, he draws the necessary conclusions. ” I thought I had a crush on you, but when I got to know each other I realized it wouldn’t turn into love. ! It deserves to be clean and tidy. Now that the divorce has begun, she foolishly imagines that she will no longer have to deal with it. And the conversation is true. Just as time goes on, these two are rocking the web. Who will have the last word?

Chocolate of conflict?

Discovering the portraits of Axel and Caroline, viewers are skeptical. Will this love of mountains and animals be enough to bring them together? Moreover, the attitude of the bride’s mother has been the target of much criticism on Twitter. Contrary to all odds, this is a famous brand of chocolate powder that is going to cause defeat. Why is there so much reprimand in this regard? Objeko Dot!

Every morning, the young man has his little habits. After saying hello to her dogs, which she can’t do without, she eats breakfast. If anyone likes the croissant-coffee combo, Caroline’s suit regularly returns to childhood. Nothing in the world, he can avoid this bowl based on this cocoa preparation. This time it’s the last straw. It’s a disaster in the eyes of the mother who protects nature’s teeth and nails. How could Estelle and Pascal miss such an error? From now on, everything opposes Axel and Caroline!

And here is the drama!

Screenshot (c) Instagram (c) freedom05 gap

Recently, he had to defend his views. Dropped by many haters, he tried to prove to them by A + B that the production had led him. But that was not the end of his (unpleasant) surprise. On Instagram, he mentioned that a certain Matthew tried to tarnish his reputation. Imagine being close to her ex-husband. Does not support that it is inspired to be the godmother of the Gap version Gay Pride 2022He will put a spoke on his wheel!

By taking direct evidence Freedom 05, Axel’s friend Caroline adapts. He will be portrayed as one of the accounts created for this transaction. ” Intolerant“As proof, this Coco story resurfaces. As always, the young man prefers to use satire as a defense.”Obviously, since I. [la supporte] No, I am [suis contre] Homosexuality is very logical. He’s at point I’s with his critics. ” This is a “tied comparison” for him, because “harmful to one planet, not another.”

Axel and Caroline, eternal (best) enemies?

Warned by the panic on the web, Axel loses her temper with Caroline. ” So are we there? For survival, you have to protect others? Okay, for me, we understand, but to my family, we’ll be calm. Moreover, he believes so without naming his opponent “Madame feels wings fluttering in her buttocks, because she will be in front of the stage. A However, he reminds us that if we claim to be next, “Tolerance is the key. A

Supporting his word and, above all, ensuring that ” Restore the truth“, Axel plays transparency cards. In the story, he reveals parts of his conversation with Matthew. We discover the pull of her speech to Caroline. He will be ” The material is quite coarse if it does not go its way“In short, both believe he is.” Be a nice and good person. But intolerant. A

And you, do you think, dear Objeko reader? In conclusion, Axel sends a strong and fragmented message to Caroline. ” If you can move forward with me and my team instead of looking for buzz (…) a little maturity, please. It didn’t work, we didn’t have the same light. A As always, he would rather see the glass half full than empty. “The positive thing is that we are not neighbors.

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