On May 31, the first “tobacco-free space” in Jayagani was inaugurated in front of St. Xuperi School

Every year in France, 75,000 deaths are caused by smoking. To combat the first cause of avoidable death, the League Against Cancer launched the “Space Without Tobacco” label in 2012. In Joigny, this Tuesday, May 31, 2022, a first place was inaugurated in front of St.-Xuperi School by the League’s Eon Committee on Cancer in partnership with Tab’agir. Daylight will be seen in about twenty cities by the month of June.

A place “pushing the boundaries of the law”

Nurseries, schools, parks, media libraries, sports halls … the chosen places are frequented by children. These “tobacco-free” areas are bounded by landmarks and symbols For Itienet Beroit, a volunteer at the League’s Eon Committee on Cancer, it is important to widen the restricted area for smokers. “We must push the boundaries of the law. It prohibits smoking inside schools, but we must go further and eradicate tobacco up front. The spaces opened today will be used for that.”

Maël, a 7-year-old, attends St. Xuperi School and appreciates coming to these areas. “It’s good that smokers can’t smoke in certain places in the city. They have a lot and it’s not good for us. Besides, there are a lot of cigarette butts in front of the gate.” This initiative is also welcomed by the parents. “It’s very good, it prevents young people from seeing their parents smoke. There are young people who start in the sixth grade and they are more. The influence of adults is much greater,” said Sabrina Badin, parent representative of the students at St. Xperi School.

To expand these locations to colleges and high schools, the municipality plans to begin the second phase in September. “From next school year, we will be holding meetings with college and high school representatives to get young people involved in this project,” explained Frederic Colas, Jogan’s first deputy mayor.

A project to “make” extraordinary but not just …

The main purpose of these tobacco-free spaces is to normalize and increase awareness. However, the League Against Tuberculosis and Cancer also warns of other negative aspects of tobacco.

“Cigarette butt making, cost, waste … environmental damage is significant. Passive smoking also has many health effects. It is also very expensive for the community, as it costs 38 euros per year and per person to collect cigarette butts.

Etiennette Berrouet (Volunteer of the League’s Eon Committee on Cancer)

In total, 159 tobacco-free spaces are spread across fifteen municipalities in Ion. Valuable information for the region. “Ion is the fifth-largest division of tobacco in France,” said Nolia Tremeux, who is in charge of the league’s anti-cancer committee.

57 new tobacco-free spaces have been inaugurated in Auxerre

To make the inauguration even more interesting, Tab’gir set up a resistance stand in front of St.-Xuperi School. Documentation, kit donations, advice, testers … Volunteers were able to make smokers and non-smokers aware of the consequences of smoking. Significant Impact on Health and the Environment – Theme for World No Tobacco Day 2022. “In addition to being a major cause of cancer in France, the tobacco industry is responsible for the loss of 600 million trees and an estimated 84 million tons of CO2 emissions,” Serge Terracian, chairman of the league’s Icaunis committee, warned. Cancer

Louis Lamure

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